By Holly Czuba

To the web-savvy generation, there’s a word that comes to mind when businesses owners say they don’t need a website for their business. That word is “Nonsense.”

Believe it or not, we come across business owners that say just that. It’s not very often, but when it does happen…. my mind is just blown.

Usually the story goes something like this.

  • Most of my customers find me through the coupon book we deliver door to door.
  • Most of my customers hear about me on the radio.
  • Most of my customers are referred to me.

All of that is GREAT! It’s awesome that most of your marketing efforts are effective. Not all business owners can say that.

But here are several REALLY GOOD reasons you need to invest in a website.

1. Consumers are finding businesses online.

No matter how someone finds you offline (those awesome coupon books, your radio spots, referrals) – 100% of the time they have to go online to find your location, phone number or find out more about you to decide if they want to buy from you, eat at your restaurant or make an appointment at your dentist’s office.

2. Consumers are doing research, but without a website, you’re not even in the game.

No one makes a purchase anymore without doing research. Where does that research happen? On the web. If you don’t have a website you’re out of luck. Actually, you’re not even in the game – Trust me.  There are 4,000,000 searches done on Google EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAYYeah, I’m yelling that. Because that’s amazing.  But if you don’t have a website, there’s no change any of those searches is showing your business to searchers.

3. Your website is your online storefront.

If you’re website looks like it was built in 1990 instead of 2014 – You’re still not in the game. What was the last run-down tax attorney’s office you stepped into?  The look and feel of your website builds instant credibility for your business.  So, not only do you need a website, you need your website to look good!  Website visitors will decide in a few seconds if they are interested in working with your business.

4. No individual marketing channel is a silver bullet. Diversify.

Let’s say you are advertising offline and those strategies seem to be working for your business.  Chances are you’ve heard that diversification is a good strategy when investing money.  The same applies to marketing your business.  A comprehensive and diverse marketing strategy that involves multiple marketing channels is the easiest way to be successful.  In fact, I’m currently working on a year-at-a-glance plan for marketing strategies that will be useful for our clients. Stay tuned for that!

But in conclusion, when thinking about your marketing strategy and growing your business – make sure you’re meeting your prospects where they are (get in the game!) – know that your customers are online, pay attention to your online storefront and diversify your channels!

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