3 Exciting Online Marketing Trends You’ll Love in 2016

By Laura Eddington

2016 Trends

2015 was great, but what’s going to happen this year?

The marketing projections for 2016 have been rolling in. They point to one thing, the continued focus on digital marketing. This move to interactive marketing focuses on engaging the customer.

Business owners – you must keep your business on the forefront of the ever-changing industry swings. Pay attention to these market predictions for 2016 and then make the necessary changes.

Web Design: 3 Words. Usability, Interaction and Conversion

Outstanding web design is now critical. Businesses web design must now engage and interact with visitors. This in turn will help convert more website visitors to paying customers. Here are some of our favorite web design trends of 2016. Read in depth here

  • Material Design: Adds depth and interactive elements to the website. Material Design helps distinguish usable elements from aesthetic elements.
  • Interactive Elements: These can include hover elements and effects. Interactive elements help engage users.
  • Card and Grid Layouts: Displays a lot of information quickly. Users have short attention spans (8 seconds to be exact). Card and Grid layouts increase usability which is essential to amazing web design.

Content: Great Content Still Reigns Supreme

Google is shifting away from keyword focused content. Instead they’re looking for relevant and creative text. The content on your site is as important as ever.

But, what your customers read can’t just be impersonal information on a page.  Customers want personalized, informative content. They came to your site because they had a question.

According to Demand Metric, “82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content”.  Furthermore, “90% of consumers find custom content useful.”

The trend toward better content means you need to build relationships by making a great first impression. You do this through relevant and engaging content.

Mobile-Friendly: Mobile Usage Will Continue to Dominate

According to the Chief Marketing Officer Council World Wide, as of April 2015, almost two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone. A report from the Pew Research Center shows that 46 percent of those who own smartphones say it’s something they can’t live without.

It’s safe to say using your phone is now more popular than using your computer. The digital components of your company must be mobile friendly. This includes the emails you send your customers and your website.

Final Note

As Internet usage grows, so will the role it plays in helping your business succeed. Although there are many predictions for future marketing trends, one thing is clear. You need to jump in the digital marketing pool with both feet if you want to create interest in your business.

Moral of the story-  improve the content on your site, keep your digital marketing mobile friendly, and modernize your web design.

Don’t have time to keep up with internet marketing trends yourself? Give us a shout! 

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