by Doug Sewell

Search Filters in Local Search

As mobile search grows in importance, there’s no excuse not to be mobile-friendly in 2016, from both a technical standpoint for ranking and from a user experience perspective.

Google has been hard at work to expand its functionality and our smartphones now allow for great user experience! While businesses may feel threatened by all the changes Google makes, their online presence will only benefit from them.

The Latest Google Update: Search Filters in Local Search

filters2filters-coffeeMost recently, Google rolled out an update that gives more robust options in local search results. While this does not apply to all industries, Google may roll it out to more if these options are successful. That remains to be seen.

Take note of the changes when doing a search for “coffee shops” from your mobile device (shown on the right). Through your phone’s GPS, Google is able to see what businesses are most relevant to you as it has always done.

The changes come in with options for:

  • Distance
  • Locations that are open at the moment
  • Top rated
  • Low in price
  • Upscale and more

Pressing on “Top Rated” gives locations with the highest reviews that are closest to the device doing the search. This makes getting reviews for your business more important than ever.

In fact, pressing “MORE FILTERS” will bring up a menu that lets you set parameters.

filters3To help users find exactly what they want, they include:

  • Business distance from your location
  • Cost of services
  • Minimum star ratings
  • Hours of operation

Options like these have been around for a long time in the Google Maps app. But rolling them out to standard Google Search brings these features to even more of the masses doing searches.

Some filters are run through the Google My Business platform which is directly tied to Google Maps listings and local search results.

Townsquare Interactive’s clients will benefit from these updates as they are a portion of our Local SEO process.

For more information on Google My Business listings, check out Google’s Get Your Business Online program, read on how to create the perfect Google My Business page, and ways to keep your business fresh on your listings!

Ask your Digital Marketing Specialist at Townsquare for more information!

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