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10 Easy Marketing Tips Garth Brooks Taught Me

by Jacob Robinson Ok – disclaimer, I don’t know Garth Brooks personally (I wish I did), but I did go to one of his concerts. I drove 4 hours from Charlotte NC to Charleston, SC and paid more than $100 for a ticket to a concert that was guaranteed to be AMAZING. At least that […]

A Letter From Your Website

by Jacob Robinson Dear Business Owner, It sure has been a while…Remember the first day we met? You looked at me like I was the only one in your corner office. I was your world. I was your pride and joy! You showed me off to all you friends and customers. I brought smiles to […]

5 Easy Ways for Business Owners to Reduce Stress

By: Katherine Genske Running a small business is stressful- to say the least. It’s important for your health to keep your stress levels in check. If it’s left unchecked, stress can contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Some levels of stress are inevitable, but here are 5 ways to reduce the amount of stress in […]

Townsquare Interactive Moved to Uptown Charlotte

Exciting Times at Townsquare Interactive We have moved our headquarters to a beautiful office space in Uptown, Charlotte. We’ve brought approximately 200 employees Uptown and plan on hiring an additional 80-100 professionals yearly.  “We are extremely excited to be relocating our operation to Uptown.  The space at 200 South Tryon will give us the ability to grow at the pace we […]

Download 35+ Free Holiday Graphics to Use on Social Media

by Holly Czuba It’s the time of year for giving.  So, we whipped up some graphics you can use this holiday season on Facebook and Twitter. By downloading this file you’ll get over 35 graphics you can share on Facebook and Twitter this holiday season.  There are graphics for: Thanksgiving Black Friday Small Business Saturday […]

2015 Best Place to Work Winner

Friday we had the best surprise. Caitlin Gilliland of J.D. Barnes, Enterprises, Inc showed up at our office with a plate of cookies and brownies and an envelope full of awesome! We officially received notification that we’ve won the 2015 Best Places to Work Award from the Charlotte Business Journal.  This award is presented to […]

The Joys of Being A Father: ‘Doodles’, Harlem Shake, & Hello Kitty

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! We wanted to take a second and thank all you wonderful fathers out there for all that you do, especially our very own TSI Dads! Below you will find some great responses of some of our TSI Dad’s proudest moments of being a father, the funniest thing they’ve heard their kid(s) […]

3 Memorial Day Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

by Amy Hoglund Memorial Day is right around the corner! It’s time to take a step back, honor our veterans, BBQ our way into summer with friends and family, and take advantage of the enormous shopping weekend! Stumped on what to do? Here are a few easy quick ideas that won’t break the bank. Honor […]

Gift Ideas for The Mom in Your Life

by Amy Hoglund Need a gift idea for the mom in your life? We’ve compiled some ideas for the crafty type, budget friendly/free gift ideas, and gifts perfect for Grandma! Check them out: For The Crafty Type Mother’s Day DIY Gift Idea: 10 Things I Love About You So, I absolutely love this idea- if […]

Feeling Stressed? Manage Your Time Better & Procrastinate Less

by Holly Czuba Are you stressed out? If you’re totally honest with yourself, how much of your stress is because you put things off? Procrastinate? Waste time and have to rush at the last minute? We all waste time.  We all procrastinate. In fact, over the last 40 years there’s been a 3-400% growth in […]