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3 Exciting Online Marketing Trends You’ll Love in 2016

By Laura Eddington 2015 was great, but what’s going to happen this year? The marketing projections for 2016 have been rolling in. They point to one thing, the continued focus on digital marketing. This move to interactive marketing focuses on engaging the customer. Business owners – you must keep your business on the forefront of the ever-changing industry swings. Pay attention to […]

What to Expect in Web Design in 2016

by Bill Reinhart Watch the video! It is that time of year again, not the holiday season, but “the web industries predict 2016” season! This is the time of year when industry experts in web design and search engine optimization make their predictions for what we should expect to see in the next calendar year, […]

This is What’s Wrong with Most Responsive Web Design (RWD)

by Holly Czuba Like most people now, I use my mobile phone and tablet to wander around the web on a daily basis. I hop on Facebook, read emails, news and articles, look for a restaurant to eat at… Those devices are quick to get to, easy to pull out of my bag and start […]

Useful Tips When Launching A New Website Design

by Amy Hoglund Launching a new website design is not an easy task- unless you work with us, of course. : P There are several steps you should take to make sure the transition is smooth and you don’t lose your established web presence. Navigation If you’re creating a new website design, you’re going to have to consider a […]

What Makes a Website Mobile-Friendly?

by Holly Czuba Google announced last week that mobile-friendliness will be ranking signal.  In our industry the term mobile is thrown around a lot. But not everyone understands why having a mobile website is critical, or what exactly, a mobile, or mobile-friendly website is.  I’ll explain what the various terms mean, and what makes the […]

Google Using Mobile Friendliness As a Ranking Factor

by Holly Czuba Share: Google rarely gives us explicit information about how they rank websites in their search results.  SEOs make educated guesses and experiment and extrapolate from what Google does reveal. We know what works and what doesn’t, but Google never lays out the formula for us. Google is expanding their use of mobile-friendliness […]

4 Things Every Small Business Should Be Doing Online in 2015

by Keith Patterson In 2014, the local businesses landscape experienced a ton of changes. To keep up with those changes and prepare for future shifts in online trends, we’ve got 4 things you should be doing online this year. Responsive Web Design Over the last several years, we’ve started seeing a significant increase in online […]