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Web Design, Mobile Optimization, Radio Advertising, Social Media, SEO

Townsquare Media and our digital marketing division, Townsquare Interactive offers in-depth services including web design, SEO, social media, radio advertising & more to businesses in the Lake Charles, LA area.

Our campaign will increase your presence while putting you in front of new customers. Your business and professional brand has never been in better hands.

We’ll stop at nothing to maximize your growth. Every process is tailor-made to help you reach your maximum level of potential.

  • Web Design

No one would walk into a rundown storefront. Your website is your online storefront! It is critical to have a professional brand on the web to match your brand in person. Trust our web designers to create your digital brand. See some of our designs!

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of making technical changes on your website, and off your website, to improve your company's visibility in search engines. Townsquare's SEO agency services will make sure your company gets found.

  • Social Media Marketing

Take the guesswork out of social media. Work with a social media specialist who can increase your visibility on the web, engage your audience, and build community. Read about 3 social media downfalls.

  • Mobile Website Optimization

We build our websites using responsive web design. That means your website is usable on all mobile devices. Did you know half of all website traffic occurs on a mobile device and mobile optimization is now a Google ranking factor?

  • Reputation Management

Maintain your businesses reputation across multiple platforms. Townsquare Interactive’s reputation monitoring program will alert you when you receive a review, allowing you to respond quickly and engage your customers. Learn to respond to negative reviews. 

  • Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is an easy and interactive way to reach a broad number of potential customers. Townsquare offers digital billboards, push downs, and digital banners. Did you know 43% of all weekly radio listeners listen to broadcast radio online?

  • Event Marketing

Meet customers where they're at! Townsquare hosts a multitude of events including festivals, concerts and expos. Events are a great place to showcase your products and services.

  • Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is a great way to reach a broad number of people. It also allows people to become familiar with your brand. Consumers are more apt to buy from familiar companies.

Townsquare Media in the Lake Charles, LA, Community

Townsquare Media is first and best at bringing digital creative solutions to the Lake Charles advertising community! Our marketing team of digital specialists provide comprehensive multimedia opportunities, marrying the essentials of radio, digital, video and live events. The TSM/TSI client receives royal treatment in first-class knowledge, service and follow-up; and most importantly we are results driven!

Places you must visit in Lake Charles, LA

First and foremost, Lake Charles is home to world-class, Vegas-worthy resort properties with 5-star restaurants and dining experiences.
Secondly, you absolutely have to have lunch at Louisiana’s famous Darrell’s PoBoy Restaurant to enjoy some of the coldest draft along with a Darrell’s Special Roast Beef PoBoy topped off with jalapeno mayonnaise.
Third and just as enticing, Louisiana's Creole Nature Trail Road is an up close and personal opportunity to experience one of only 21 National Historical Highways, and is highlighted by America's untamed natural habitat just outside the city limits of Lake Charles, LA. Here you can touch and feel nature as the road leads you into Louisiana's Southwest coastal wetlands, wildlife refuges, and marshes populated with all sorts of exotic and interesting creatures including big gators!

Bringing Success to Our Clients

Townsquare Media/Interactive brings the parishes of our community closer together with interactive presentation and dialogue that engages everyone in Southwest Louisiana. Our stations/websites/posts and live community involvement exhibit close relationships between the TSM/TSI audiences.

Our content and execution on-air, on-line, on-tablet and on-mobile engages listeners and provides a family environment for the community across all of our brands. Every day, our talent reaches deep into the marketplace with entertainment, news and inspiring content. Our personalities love this community and their delivery provides an enormous influence on how our community of listeners responds. Each year we grow our live events while continuing to provide staples from concerts to job fairs to help local companies find the best talent available. Townsquare Media/Interactive is truly invested in our community and making Southwest Louisiana an even better place to live, work and play!

Customized multi-faceted marketing strategy is the name of our game. We utilize every product to insure the broadest reach for every advertiser. We are creative and innovative with any budget for every size of business in our community. Using our deep knowledge, understanding and expertise, we assist advertisers in use of radio, websites, live events and social media to provide the best results. Each campaign is based on individual client needs and our team of specialists provides strategic positioning based on the client’s customer needs. We implement campaigns based on geographic, behavioral, demographic targeting and provide the most cost-efficient and effective solutions to meet those needs.

We listen to you and help advise you on the right placement, media product and process to help grow your business as if it was our own. We believe that if we help you grow your business, you will trust our solution to build emotional connections with our audiences—your customers! We provide imaging to highlight the positive differences that separate you and your business as the business with which to work. There are so many choices in today’s marketplace and we can help your business stand out in the crowd.

The most crucial thing small businesses need to do

In business today, your online image is crucial to your success. Your business must be easily found in your industry/category and you must highlight your strengths with valid, tangible reasons to be the place with which to do business.

A mobile-friendly and optimized website is critical now that your customers are using their mobile phones to search for answers to their consumer needs! Your business must be consistent in reaching your current and potential customers.

Townsquare Brands: Visit Your Favorite Station for Radio Advertising

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Townsquare Interactive provides web design, social media, mobile optimization and SEO services to businesses in the Lake Charles, LA, area.

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