1. Purchase now with code TSI50 using the link below or visit getbutterfleye.com.
  2. Once you've purchased your smart wireless camera, you and your business can rest assured you're protected.
  3. Use the Butterfleye mobile app to better monitor your business and keep track of people coming and going. Or talk to your employees no matter where you are.
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If you’re a business owner who has important documents, equipment or supplies to protect, Butterfleye is here to help! With state of the art facial recognition software, smart sensors, live stream and storage capabilities, Butterfleye covers your business 24/7 ensuring you never lose anything valuable. Butterfleye is small, portable, and professional so you never have to worry about a bulky system taking up space.

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Protect Your Business With Butterfleye

Team up with Butterfleye, the worlds smartest wireless camera. Trusted by thousands of personal users and small business owners, Butterfleye provides their customers advanced technology and peace of mind with every camera. Whether it's your business or your home that needs protecting, Butterfleye's easy to use, portable camera has a built-in battery for extensive battery life, 1080 full HD video for clear viewing, and speaking and listening features to help you communicate with your home or business.

Smart Features for Your Business

  • monitor when employees arrive and depart
  • Hear a noise? Track any unfamiliar activity
  • 24/7 live stream allows you to recall footage as needed

While you're away, Butterfleye is home.