Close More Sales with the GreenSky® Program

Grow your home improvement business by offering your customers fast financing. Contractors report up to a 50% increase in sales by offering payment plans from the GreenSky® program. You get paid right away through a quick, simple, secure application that allows you to close the deal and get to work faster!

Team up with GreenSky, a leader in home improvement financing. Trusted by thousands of contractors and some of the largest retailers in the U.S., the GreenSky program provides consumer financing options to help you close more sales, increase revenues per sale and delight your customers.

Close More Sales

  • No Payment/Deferred Interest plans
  • Credit limits up to $55,000*
  • High approval rates

Seamless Funding

  • Immediate funding upon approval
  • No paperwork, completion certificates or sales contracts required**

Delight Your Customers

  • Paperless application process**
  • Decisions in seconds
  • Industry-leading mobile app for point-of-sale credit approval
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How GreenSky Works

1.  Customer Applies

1. Customer Applies

No paperwork required.
Customer applies by mobile app, online, or by phone.

2.  Customer Gets Approved

2. Customer Gets Approved

Credit decisions delivered within seconds.
Approved customer receives Account Number.

3.  You Get Funded

3. You Get Funded

Process Account Number just like you would a regular credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I offer financing?

Offering financing gives your customers more options to pay for their dream project. With so many credit plans to choose from, you can present the best plan to meet your customers’ needs.

Q: How do my customers pay me?

Once approved, your customer is given an Account Number. Once your customer has received and reviewed their loan agreement, and agrees to use the GreenSky loan, simply use this number as you would a regular credit card.

Q: Do you have No Payment/Deferred Interest plans?

Yes, we are an industry leader in providing No Payment/Deferred plans in the U.S.

Q: My customers pay cash, so why should I offer financing?

Offering payment plans keeps the focus on your service instead of the price. Your customers can always choose to pay with cash, but with financing you can increase their buying power and improve the appeal of your company.

Q: How long does it take for me to get paid?

Your customer will be able to pay you immediately upon approval. All you need is the customer’s authorization and your credit card processor to accept payment right away.

Q: How does the GreenSky program increase sales?

Customers prefer payment options for major purchases to increase their buying power and fit their budget. The GreenSky program offers multiple plans including No Payment/Deferred Interest options, low interest, and fixed payments.

Q: How do I offer my customers the GreenSky program?

  1. Apply to become a GreenSky contractor.
  2. Offer financing to your customer and process their application via mobile app, online or by phone.
  3. Close the sale. Once the customer has been approved and has accepted the terms of the account, they will receive an account number. Use this number to process the purchase as if it were a credit card.

GreenSky® consumer credit programs financing is provided by a network of federally insured, federally and state chartered banks without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or familial status.

*Subject to qualifying credit approval
**See operating instructions for further details

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