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<strong>Zero Cost</strong>

Zero Cost

There are absolutely no costs to small business owners. Lendio provides a 100% free application that connects you with more than 75 lenders.

<strong>One Application</strong>

One Application

One application to save you time. You'll see your loan options within minutes and will be connected to a funding manager who will be by your side every step of the way.

<strong>Less Time</strong>

Less Time

Lendio’s technology makes small business lending simple, decreasing the amount of time and effort it takes to secure funding. Spend more time running your business!

<strong>75+ Lenders</strong>

75+ Lenders

Lendio connects you to more than 75 lenders with different criteria and loan products. Their large marketplace allows you to find the right loan for your business.

Why Apply for Small Business Loans Through Lendio?

As a small business owner, you have enough on your plate. Trying to find enough time to dedicate to dozens of loan applications can sometimes prove impossible. Instead of filling out applications for hours on end, fill out one application and let Lendio do the rest.

Lendio takes the legwork out of your search and helps you get back to what’s important - your business. See how easy your loan process can be. What do you have to lose when it’s absolutely free to use?

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About Lendio

Lendio is passionate about helping small business owners find the capital they need to succeed, and they do so by matching them with loans designed specifically for their business needs. With a network of over 75 lenders to draw from, Lendio simplifies the process by bringing all options together in one place using a single application, all at no cost to the applicant.

Lendio helps to free up your valuable time otherwise wasted on applications. Don't wait weeks or days for approval. You will see your results within minutes and will be connected with a funding manager who will be with you every step of the way!