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How To Craft The Perfect Tweet

by John Michael Patrick Whether you’re a large, established company or a small business, Twitter’s a convenient, cost-effective way to connect with your customers. That said, Twitter’s a noisy place, full of individuals and organizations competing for attention. Learning to communicate your message effectively via Twitter— in such a way that your message stands out […]

10 Easy Marketing Tips Garth Brooks Taught Me

by Jacob Robinson Ok – disclaimer, I don’t know Garth Brooks personally (I wish I did), but I did go to one of his concerts. I drove 4 hours from Charlotte NC to Charleston, SC and paid more than $100 for a ticket to a concert that was guaranteed to be AMAZING. At least that […]

Top-of-Mind Advertising is Digital, Too!

By Nick Felton When you think about the phrase “top-of-mind advertising” what comes to mind? Billboards, Radio commercials, Flyers/postcards, and a wacky flailing inflatable arm tube man on the street corner? Great! Those are all great vehicles of advertising that have proven effective for many businesses across America. But all those avenues leave out digital […]

5 Easy Steps to Creating the Perfect Elevator Pitch

By: Nick Felton What to say when someone asks “what do you do?” We’ve all had that awkward moment, right? When someone asks, “So what do you do for a living?”….Pause…”Well, we uh,…I build things”.  And that’s where the conversation starts to fizzle out…Right from the beginning. It’s a situation many business owners have been […]

5 Tips to Write Like a Blogging Expert

by SeQuoya Addison Blogging can do wonders for your website and business… that is if you use it properly. Blogging enhances your SEO and allows you to position yourself as an expert in your industry. It also separates you from your competition by becoming a helpful resource. If you’re new to blogging, use these tips […]

Duplicate Listings & The Harm They Have On Your Business

by Amy Merrill Have you ever searched for a business and found wrong or conflicting information? I bet you have. On average, 2 in 3 business listings contain incorrect information. Duplicate listings are a serious problem for businesses. They cause confusion and doubt in the mind of the customer, many times causing the potential customer to move […]

How to Humanize Your Brand with Social Media

by Amy Hoglund When you sign into your social accounts, are you eagerly waiting a sponsored ad or a sales pitch? Absolutely not. This is where you go to see how Jan is doing after her big move to Cali, or how Jack’s “Sunday Funday” is going at the local brewery. Social media is 100% […]

9 Tips to Turn Readers Into Customers

by David Anders Make use of simple ways to better your content and increase your conversion. A potential customer has found your website. Awesome! Now you want to convert them from a browsing reader to an active customer. The best way to do that? Well-developed content designed to keep them intrigued and get them motivated […]

Take Your Client Relationship to The Next Level

by: Amy Hoglund Customer service (noun)- the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services. As you’re reading this, think of the best customer service experience you’ve ever had. Was it great because the customer service representative was informative, quick to respond, and extremely friendly? […]

There’s No “I” In Team- The Importance of Team Building

by Bill Reinhart The importance of team chemistry can never go overlooked. Having a rock star group of employees is great, but without the ability to come together as an elite team, you’re nothing but an assembly of individuals set out for your own pursuits. That is why it’s important to be committed to the […]