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Top 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes That Will Cost You

by Nadia Saar Are You Making These 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes With Your Small Business? Every small business needs a successful online presence to survive in today’s digital world. Social networks and websites are dominating the market. Because of this, every business in America is looking to invest in digital marketing. But does your business understand what […]

Top-of-Mind Advertising is Digital, Too!

By Nick Felton When you think about the phrase “top-of-mind advertising” what comes to mind? Billboards, Radio commercials, Flyers/postcards, and a wacky flailing inflatable arm tube man on the street corner? Great! Those are all great vehicles of advertising that have proven effective for many businesses across America. But all those avenues leave out digital […]

4 Print Marketing Tips to Bolster Your Online Presence

by Nadia Saar Digital marketing and social media are all the rage in the marketing world. But, there are a full range of offline mediums at your disposal to help drive brand awareness. One of the oldest mediums around is print marketing. Nowadays, print marketing and digital marketing go hand in hand, supporting one another. Because of that, we’re […]

Why You Need to Hire a Marketing Specialist

by: Kyle Mills One of the most important things for any business owner, big or small, is making sure you have a marketing plan in place to position yourself as an expert in your field. If you’re running a business by yourself, or even with a small team, it’s difficult to find time to handle each and every detail […]