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      About Townsquare Interactive

      The Townsquare Business Management Platform is an all-in-one tool for small business growth that helps you find new customers, convert leads, and save time. We've got your back when it comes to building your business, and our people are passionate about helping small-town business owners compete and win.

      Our services are on par with those provided by major advertising agencies, but we're committed to serving local, small businesses with a personal touch.

      About Our Program

      We offer a number of ways to partner with us, including CPL, CPA, and CPL+MQL+CPA Programs.

      We have a large telesales team that maintains a 90-second or less response rate to new leads, which drives high conversion.

      We process more than 20,000 new leads per month.

      Our online lead gen pages see strong 15-20% conversion rates and we can create custom pages as needed.

        Reciprocal Offers

        We have deep relationships in the SMB world, with over 80,000 clients and enroll almost 2,000 new ones each month. Our parent company - Townsquare Media - is the 3rd largest radio broadcaster in the US, with over 360 radio stations from coast to coast, and with an online audience of more than 60M UV's per month through our owned and operated radio sites.

        If there are ways for us to work together in a reciprocal fashion, beyond just our traditional affiliate relationship, we'd love to entertain those conversations as well.

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