Contributing to Townsquare Media’s Growth in a Big Way

Q2 results are in, and we’re celebrating at Townsquare Interactive! Going into 2018, we recommitted ourselves to our long-standing dedication to providing personalized services and solutions to small business owners across the country. That commitment starts at the top and comes through in the teams in both sales and service. The entire Townsquare Interactive family has helped us reach these new milestones.


From Townsquare Media’s press release:
“‘In the first six months of 2018, net revenue increased 2.6%, and 2.2% excluding political revenue, and Adjusted EBITDA increased 6.6%,’ commented Bill Wilson, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Townsquare. ‘Our second quarter and year to date revenue growth was primarily the result of the continued stability in our broadcast products and the strong revenue growth of our digital solutions.’” (That’s us!)


Second Quarter Highlights
As compared to the second quarter of 2017:

  • Townsquare Interactive net revenue increased 17.3%
  • Townsquare Interactive added 850 net subscribers, ending the quarter with approximately 13,650 subscribers

As compared to the six months ended June 30, 2017:

  • Townsquare Interactive net revenue increased 16.6%


From the President’s office:
Townsquare Interactive President Tim Pirrone spoke at the “Selling Digital Marketing Services” Conference today in Chicago, IL today on Townsquare’s transformation from a radio company to a digital marketing entity. In his opening remarks at the conference, Borrell Associates CEO Gordon Borrell highlighted Townsquare as a top digital performer: “Townsquare’s overall share is 2.6 times the average for radio stations,” said Borrell. “In seven markets, Townsquare gets more digital revenue than any of its in-market competitors – and I’m talking about ALL competitors, from newspapers to TV stations to radio stations to yellow pages companies.”


Commitment to Our Customers
In a company-wide email sent out this morning, co-CEOs Bill Wilson and Dhruv Prasad said, “From a digital standpoint, Townsquare Interactive net revenue has increased over 17% since last year, and in Q2 we saw a meaningful acceleration of net customer additions thanks to great new sales performance and our focus on customer retention.” They continued, “These outstanding results are directly correlated with the hard work that all of you are doing each and every day.”

“Townsquare Ignite similarly continues to be a strong driver of local growth, and the number of active campaigns has increased to 1,700 in June 2018, up from 1,000 … at this time last year. Our national digital business, particularly XXL, which recently announced its 2018 Freshman class, is performing very well, with profits up meaningfully versus last year, as our great content continues to drive millions of readers each month.”

“Finally, we are having a dynamite year in live events – our multi-day country music festivals in June broke ticket sales records and our in-market live events, including the Insane Inflatable 5K and America on Tap tours, are performing ahead of plan and contributing meaningfully to our company’s profit growth versus the prior year.”


We’re proud to be part of meaningful growth within Townsquare Media. Our goal? Make Q3 even better!

Read the full press release here.