Easy Social Media Tactics for The Holiday Season

by Allie Papajohn

The Gift of

This holiday season, the greatest gift of all may be right in front of you.

A strong social media presence does a lot for your business. It’s where customers are finding, engaging, and learning about you. It’s a place to share helpful information while promoting all the cool things your company does.

So let’s capitalize on all the potential business you may miss out on if your pages don’t stay up to date. 78% of people say social media posts impact purchasing decisions.

That’s A LOT.

Check out this list of fun, easy-to-use social media tactics. Follow these steps to make those Facebook and Twitter pages sparkle this holiday season!

1. Run a daily deal


Everyone loves a discount. Facebook/Twitter are great platforms to get customers excited over ways to save some cash. Overwhelmed by the thought of offering a discount every day? Pick a week in early or mid-December to offer “social-media-only” steals and deals.

For example: Offer a special each day for 12 days (of Christmas, get it?). The deal is only available to customers who see your social media posts.

Don’t forget to shamelessly promote your social profiles in-store! Tell customers to “like” your pages to cash in on special holiday offers.

2. Learn More About Customers

Customer polls are useful year-round. But the holiday months provide extra material for these engaging posts.


  • What’s your favorite holiday movie?
  • Do you prefer multicolored or white lights on trees?
  • Hot chocolate or egg nog?

Easy-to-answer questions facilitate responses and spark conversations between social media users. Add an image to make each post pop in the news feed.

3. Give Stuff Away!

How exciting is it to “enter to win?” During the season of giving, receiving can feel pretty good, too. Pick an item or two to give away in November or December to make one (or more) of your customers feel extra special. Set a deadline, schedule a few posts, and have users enter the contest by “liking” the page. Then, generate a winner at random, and receive one happy lifelong customer!

4. Get Festive

Hosting a company holiday party? Dressing up in Santa hats on Christmas Eve?

Don’t miss the opportunity to snap few pictures and share with customers. The holiday spirit is contagious, so if consumers see your team having fun, they’ll want to join in.

5. Get Involved in the Community

Giving back is important, especially during the chaos of the holiday season. If your team volunteers at the local soup kitchen or hosts a toy drive, share photos and details! Your actions may influence others to do the same. It will give customers a warm feeling toward the business. Feel free to encourage others to join in on the generosity.

Social media platforms are the perfect way for businesses to connect with their customers. These ideas set you up for a successful social media holiday season!

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