How To Engage, Intrigue and Enchant on Social Media

by Becky Giefer

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Facebook has over 1.4 billion monthly active users. More and more small businesses are becoming aware of the need to keep up with this lucrative facet of their online presence.  Social media is not a fleeting trend, it continues to evolve and it’s crucial to grow with it. As a free avenue to advertise your business, promote your brand and drive more traffic to your website, social media has become a form of advertising too good to pass up!  With 65% of Facebook users using Facebook on a daily basis, this raises the question to SMBs – what do you post on your business’s page?

The key to a successful Facebook campaign is to enchant, intrigue and engage your visitors.  The ability to reach such a wide audience is astounding!

Below is a list of tips on how to make the most of this fun and rewarding platform.

  • Ask questions. Draw your readers in, pique their interest and gain feedback – this will also help you get to know your audience.  Consistently respond to their comments in a timely manner to keep the discussion moving – be genuine with your answers, not generic and repetitive. Be REAL!
  • Showcase employees.  Seeing an employer appreciate their staff humanizes you as a business owner and helps gain trust with your audience.  Help your customers get to know who they’re supporting.  People buy from people they like.
  • Post positive, industry related (and appropriate) funny pictures and articles. Help inject a bit of brightness into your follower’s day.  They will associate visiting your page with good feelings and are more likely to want to share your page with friends and family.
  • Keep up with fun community events.  Show your involvement and hometown pride by sharing things like parades, fundraisers and musical happenings!  Inspire people to want to think and support local.
  • Show your gratitude. Thank people for their business. Appreciate your customers and they will appreciate you!

Last, but most definitely not least – always, always, always keep your hours and contact info up to date and provide a link back to your website.  Social media is not meant to be a substitute for your website, but it does compliment it.  It’s a strategic, savvy and powerful marketing combination.  Have fun with it and you will in turn be rewarded with loyal, happy fans.

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