How to Humanize Your Brand with Social Media

by Amy Hoglund

humanize social

When you sign into your social accounts, are you eagerly waiting a sponsored ad or a sales pitch?

Absolutely not.

This is where you go to see how Jan is doing after her big move to Cali, or how Jack’s “Sunday Funday” is going at the local brewery.

Social media is 100% client relationship management. This is your avenue to show people you’re human- not a robot. Social media is an easy way to reach your audience since they are already there. People are influencers; it’s about engagement and speaking on their level.

Here are tips on how to humanize your brand and engage on a meaningful level: 

Be Present – Respond

As mentioned, people are on social platforms to join conversations. If a follower asks you a question, answer them back- it speaks volumes!

It shows you:

  • A) Care
  • B) Aren’t using social media just for advertising
  • C) Are Not a robot

Social media is NOT about sales, it’s an avenue for relationship building.  Relationships lead to sales eventually, but leave the hard-sell out of it. It can be impossible to respond to every single comment that gets posted- but set aside some time to make a presence.

social post 2
Show Your Funny Bone

Let loose – who wants to correspond with an uptight snob? Showing a lighthearted approach is an easy way to connect with your followers. Of course you want to make sure your humor doesn’t hurt others. To the right is an example of what we did to show the fun activities that happen on our sales floor. Nick can rock a tutu!

Share Content That Will Engage/Inform Your Audience, Not Sell!

People are on social networks to connect with their favorite brands, stay in touch with friends and family, get updates on trending topics, and to “stay in the know” with current events.

If you’re posting boring- sales-y content, who’s going to want to follow you? Not a lot of people. Keep people interested, share content that informs, makes them laugh, something they HAVE to share with their friends, something they wouldn’t want to miss out on. Show you’re human and want to inform others on interesting and helpful topics that matter.

Acknowledge Slip-Ups

We’re all human; we all make mistakes- that’s life. If your company makes a mistake, it shows you’re human if you acknowledge the error, and have found a solution to the problem. This shows a certain transparency others will trust and understand.

You may find “What To Do When You Get a Bad Review” helpful!

Use Common Language

Sure you want to show you know your knowledge in the industry, but do others know what you’re talking about? Skip the jargon and speak as if you’re talking to your friends. Talk in the first person- don’t say, “Company X loves the weather outside today!”  “We are loving the weather today!” makes a big difference.

Social media is  an easy way to connect with your target audience. Make it a meaningful and successful connection by showing the human side of your brand.

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