Make the Second Most Important Page on Your Website Your #1 Priority

By: Jacob Robinson

We put so much credence into the coveted first born of our website, the ‘Home Page’. This is where most of our effort is focused. And rightfully so! This is where customers make an initial judgment about us and our brand. But what happens next?!? You have their attention…you’re closing in on the kill…and then they will typically visit the About Us page. What do they find on yours?

Besides the home page, the About page is the most visited page on your website. Why is that??? Well, as humans we are driven by personal relationships. This may seem like an oxymoron when talking about websites (which are relatively impersonal) but the the About Us page is where we are able to solidify a personal relationship with our customers.  It’s where we are able to show that we are real people too!  And that if you choose to work with us, this is who you’ll be working with.

You make the best Pizza in town? Yeah, so do three other restaurants. Is your delivery always on time? These days that’s pretty normal. So what makes you different from the rest? What is your competitive advantage?

Your About Us page should be devoted to telling your potential customers why they should truly do business with you. So let’s explore the About Us page, and 6 things that need to be championed on it.

  • Who are you? This may be the most important aspect of your page. We want customers to know who you are, what makes you, well, you. Look at your friends or even look at companies you do business with on a daily basis. You probably have a lot in common with these people. It’s human nature, add some of that personality to your own About page.
  • Why should I do business with you? This is your value proposition to your customer. Do you provide high quality customer service? How about the fact that you’re on call 24/7? Well, back it up and show the client what they’ll be missing out on if they don’t work with you.
  • What do you do again? More than likely, if your customer has made it this far, they know what you do, but let’s remind them about your products and services just in case.
  • When did you start your business? Are you the new company with something to prove or are you proven and experienced? Both have their advantages. Let’s play them up!
  • How are you going to do it? Here we want a brief overview of your process or what customers can expect to experience if they work with you. Simple right? Yes, but the more a customer knows about what to expect, the more comfortable they are going to feel.  And expectations are a huge part of running a successful business.
  • Pictures do speak louder than words. Remember, the more personal the better. Add pictures of you and your team.

Our goal with the About Us page is to convey, in a clear and concise way, the above points to build a personal relationship with each customer that visits our site. We want our customers to feel like they know who we are, before they pick up the phone to call or decide to do business with us.

Put some discerning thought and effort into the page that seals the deal for our business. The page that does the heavy lifting. The page that sits in the background while the home page basks in it’s infinite glory. Let’s treat our #2 page on our site like it is #1 and use it to build meaningful, lasting relationships with our valued customers.

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