Meet Eloria Downs

Meet Eloria Downs. She’s a digital marketing specialist at Townsquare Interactive and has been working with David and Catrina Clapper for almost three years now. Thanks to Eloria’s assistance, the owners of Clapper Construction have been able to step back from their marketing responsibilities and focus on giving their customers the best experiences possible. The result? A healthy digital marketing campaign and a thriving business.

Eloria helps the Clappers out by making edits to their website and providing new ideas to keep their campaign fresh. She played a huge role in building Clapper Construction’s almost-nonexistent web presence into one that receives almost 500 views per month.

The Clappers advertise their construction business on local radio stations, so having a professionally designed website gives their potential customers a place to land after hearing their business name on the radio and popping it into Google. Pairing those radio ads with a digital marketing plan gave Clapper Construction a huge boost.

Knowing that David and Catrina trust her to do right by their business drives Eloria to meet their expectations month after month. “[It] makes me want to work harder for them, to make sure that we’re giving them the results that they’re trusting us to give them,” she says. Those results are based largely on Eloria’s responsiveness—something she provides to all of her clients: “We say that we’re always here for them, and I want to make sure that that’s actually true.”

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