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        A Focus on All Things Local

        Townsquare Media: Owensboro

        Townsquare Owensboro focuses on all things local. In the past ten years, the city of Owensboro has grown in the areas of arts and entertainment and general city and community development, while also maintaining its heritage and culture. Owensboro has honored its past but is not afraid to grow into our future. Because of Owensboro's thriving culture, the heritage WBKR/WOMI team is never at a loss to find something local to cover. In fact, we strive to make sure our websites (particularly WBKR) are home to exclusive local/regional news and features. On a weekly basis, we take local and personal stories and make them public stories of interest on a regional scale. We truly aim to create and share stories that are great enough to go "viral" - not on a national scale, but on a local one.

        The small size and "everybody knows everybody" atmosphere of Owensboro allows WBKR/WOMI radio to successfully host station events, large scale promotions and charitable events, including the annual WBKR St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Radiothon. Here at WBKR/WOMI, we know our listeners personally. We embrace them and make them a vital part of our on-air and online family.

        Our team is hyper-focused on staying local, and the bulk of the traffic that comes to our respective sites is organic. The clients you want are the ones coming to our site because they care about what's happening in their community. Our clients can see the impact our website has.

        For example, we recently shared a story about a local high school football player who was killed in a tragic car accident. A local restaurant decided to honor him by permanently displaying his jersey above the entrance of the establishment. The restaurant held a dedication ceremony, and we were there to broadcast live and cover the event on-air and online. The day was HUGE for everyone: the client, us and, most importantly, the family and the community that knew and loved him. Our marketing and coverage efforts for that dedication were met with appreciation across the board, and the impact is still being felt by all. As a matter of fact, just last Friday, a local charity unveiled their event t-shirts for 2015. Those shirts were created to honor the memory of the young man who lost his life.

        Our marketing efforts are very grass-roots. We embrace what's going on in our community and make sure we are committed to living life with the folks that comprise it. We target - very directly on all levels - the emotions, sympathies, likes and loves of our audience.

        If you want to see your business grow, you must have a strong digital presence. With so many things tugging at us every day, consumers not only need to be able to find your information easily and quickly, but they also need constant reminders that you exist and have amazing products. We have learned through our digital exploration here at WBKR/WOMI that you have to know who your customers are and what they expect. The digital platform is truly a way to connect with your customers on an immediate and personal level. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and similar web platforms have given businesses a direct and instant line of communication with their clients. It simply must be taken advantage of.

        Why Townsquare Loves Owensboro

        Owensboro has a thriving downtown area - one of the nation's best playgrounds. It features Smother's Park, the new Owensboro Convention Center and weekly free summer 'Friday After 5' festivals. We also have amazing barbecue! Visit the annual International BBQ Festival or eat at one of our nationally known BBQ restaurants such as Moonlite or Old South BBQ. Owensboro is home to the International Bluegrass Museum. The Museum annually sponsors ROMP, one of the largest and most successful bluegrass music festivals in the United States.

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