9 Important Questions You Need to Ask When Launching a New Website

by Amy Hoglund

Important Questions

With a zillion different digital marketing companies out there, it’s difficult to decide on the best partner for you and your business. Here are 9 questions you need to ask to ensure you make the right decision for your digital marketing partnership.

Will our site be optimized for mobile and tablets?

With mobile search surpassing desktop, it’s important that your business has a mobile-friendly site. Without a mobile-friendly site, you have less of a chance of showing up in search for your products/ services. Not sure what it means to be mobile-friendly?

Check to see if your site is mobile here.

How long will it take to create my site?

Do you need to get your new website launched as soon as possible? Some companies are able to get a new site launched within a week (like us) but others have a much longer time frame- many times taking months. If you’re in a time crunch, finding out this detail after signing on the dotted line can put you in a tough spot.

Do you charge for changes to my website?

Many website designers and marketing agencies charge by the hour to make changes to your website. This can get expensive very quickly. Other companies offer unlimited changes free of charge (cough, like us). This is certainly the better option if you’re going to be making updates frequently. Your wallet will be thanking you!

Will my site be on page one of Google and can you guarantee it?

There are plenty of factors affecting who is ranked on page 1. From a local perspective, which is the most typical ‘guarantee’ – it can be done if the right steps are taken and time is dedicated to your SEO campaign. Competition, targeted key phrases and the geographical size of your location are important variables on how long it can take to achieve page 1 rankings.

Can I have unlimited pages and pictures?

If you plan on building an extensive website, make sure you know any limits on content.  Creating additional pages of content and updating your website periodically is beneficial to your SEO campaign. It shows search engines you’re staying relevant and providing updated information to website visitors. You want to make sure your service provider can accommodate your needs!

Is there a contract?

Have a clear understanding of what you’re signing. No-brainer, right? Is it a year contract? Two years, or maybe, just three months? Or best case scenario – no contract at all. Townsquare Interactive is a month-to-month service provider, which allows the freedom to do as you please.

I’ve heard horror stories of business owners who regretted signing a year-long contract. They got stuck working with a company they didn’t like. The company wasn’t driving results, which had a direct impact on their bottom line.

Will I be able to get in touch with you to make the changes that I need?

Will you have a dedicated contact or is there a support line? Where you will your situation every time assistance is needed… Having a dedicated specialist makes it easier to get in touch with someone who knows and understands your business.

One of the biggest complaints about customer service is the need to re-tell the support representative the issues you are facing. It’s a true game changer. Once you experience working with a dedicated marketing specialist – you’ll never turn back.

What is the upfront fee?

Is the company open and honest about the upfront cost? Don’t get blindsided with an expensive design bill or launch fee.

How do you make my website rank?

Does the service provider in question follow SEO best practices? Are they staying up-to-date with the latest changes in search engines algorithms? Make sure to ask what they will be doing to get your website ranking.

Effective SEO practices have changed drastically over the years. What worked in the past may now be considered manipulative and earn your site an unintended penalty.

Not sure what SEO is? You can read up on the subject here.

These questions will shed light on potential headaches you may face down the road. Ask these questions now and save yourself from any surprises.

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