Love Your Craft | Captain Max Patterson

It takes a lot of chutzpah to be a small business here.

Captain Max Patterson is one of the last small business owners left in his Manhattan neighborhood. But is he worried? Nah. He’s got the staying power he needs to compete with the big-box stores moving in thanks to a robust digital marketing strategy. Watch the video below to see how he’s continuing to thrive in a concrete jungle:

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As a professional carpenter—and boat captain!—Captain Max knows the importance of both craftsmanship and working with a team you can rely on. He’s built additions and created carpentry installations for restaurants and stores across the city, and many of them are repeat customers. When you like the results, the workmanship and the dedication to the craft, it just makes sense.

That’s what drew him to Townsquare Interactive. From the start, we’ve worked to drive traffic to Captain Max’s website and keep him competitive in his local market.

Captain Max 2

Captain Max is the first to admit he doesn’t know a thing about how to build or maintain a website, and we make sure he doesn’t have to. Every month, his digital marketing specialist runs reports on his website visits and goes over the numbers with him to keep him informed. Beyond that, if Captain Max wants to make a change to his website, all he has to do is send an email or place a quick call. That’s all there is to it.

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