The Challenge

  • Though an expert carpenter, Captain Max had no experience with websites or technology.
  • He needed someone to manage and update his online portfolio for him - on a budget!
  • He was facing down a takeover by big-box stores and other chains in his Manhattan neighborhood.

Our Solution

  • We assembled a personalized marketing campaign to win Captain Max enough leads and customers to compete with the big-box stores.
  • We built a website and online portfolio designed to convert new customers and maintain it for him, compete with monthly reports.
  • We completed in-depth SEO and updated all of Captain Max's directory listings to make sure he gets found online.

Captain Max's Results

Average of 530 page views per month

72% of views come from getting found in search

Ranking on the first page of Google for carpentry terms such as "upscale carpentry" and "boutique displays design"


Website Design

Captain Max's mobile-optimized website was professionally designed by our in-house web designers. Max can edit the responsive site at any time, though he prefers to have our team of experts handle those changes for him.

Directory Listing Optimization

We make sure Captain Max's business name, address and phone number are consistent and correct across more than 70 online directories. In addition to helping out with search engine optimization, these directory listings mean it will be easy for his customers to find him.

Search Engine Optimization

To help Captain Max get found online, we optimized the content on his website for a list of keywords specific to his industry and location. We also updated the metadata located in the backend of the site so search engines like Google know what they're looking at. Because this SEO process is organic, it's also more durable - that means Captain Max can expect to rank high in search results for a long time.

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