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    We serve all kinds of small businesses across the United States. These are just a few samplings of those we've been able to help - the list doesn't stop here!



      Tark Custom Interiors and Remodeling

      Apex, NC

      "My digital marketing specialist has been awesome in setting up my web page, and I have already begun to see results only two weeks after its launch. This is great after struggling with previous web service providers. Hopefully this will continue to grow from here. So far, everything is happening a lot sooner than expected. Finally, a web company that actually does what they say they're going to do!"

      -Christopher Tarquini

      E. Durst Painting

      Cameron Park, CA

      "We are pleased with the services and our [digital marketing specialist]. She is proactive and attentive. We have seen a significant increase in business as a result of your services - an increase I'm too busy to quantify!"

      -Shannon Durst



        T M Electrical & Datacom

        DeRidder, Lousiana

        "My digital marketing specialist is always up to speed on our online presence. She is always ready with recommendations for improving our visibility in the trade and to make sure our branding is always front and center."

        -Paul Massey

        Haire Plumbing & Mechanical

        Fayetteville, North Carolina

        "Our digital marketing specialist has already impressed me in just one short day as a very capable, customer-focused person. Like her predecessor, she jumped in with both feet and got right to the job of making our requests a reality! We have either been very lucky to find two such people in one company, or Townsquare Interactive employs a lot of exceptional people! Thank you!"

        -Jan Glock



          Prototype Multimedia

          Huntsville, Alabama

          "Thanks for taking care of us. Being a small business, it is hard to catch all of the little things. I'm glad you guys are looking out for us."

          -Tommy Hodge

          Walton Theatre

          Walton, New York

          "Very helpful and very clear explanations. It's nice to work with "customer service" where you don't feel the person at the other end is rushing to get to the next call. Thank you."

          -James Richardson



            Matchstick Woods

            Dallas, TX

            "My digital marketing specialist did an excellent job taking time to ask the right questions to understand our business and listen to our concerns and ideas about how to market it. She offered expert insight and ideas and provided clear expectations of how Townsquare Interactive will be able to implement the ideas."

            -Mal Jolly

            Air Vent Exteriors

            Arden, NC

            "In today's digital world, having an up-to-date, optimized website is absolutely key. I have to be able to trust my rep is giving me timely, relevant information and keeping an eye on my SEO. My digital marketing specialist has gone the extra mile, and I do mean above and beyond, to ensure that the changes I wanted made to my website were done correctly. I trust her to look out for the best interests of my company."

            -Nicole Rowland



              ANI Financial Group

              Greensboro, North Carolina

              "My digital marketing specialist has been a key player in helping us shape our ideas and make them make sense in the digital world. Truly appreciate having a partner to assist us."

              -Marc Robinson

              Jerry Nelson & Associates

              Tyler, Texas

              "Our digital marketing specialist is a pleasure to work with. She always fulfills our requests in record time and goes out of her way to provide exceptional service. We couldn't be more pleased with the service she provides."

              -Britanny Jones

              FOOD BEVERAGES

                FOOD & BEVERAGES

                Papa Joe's Salt

                Medford Lakes, New Jersey

                "Our digital marketing specialist edits anything I need on my website within 24-48 hours, exactly as I request. Within a few short months, he has taken the time to get to know me and the product I sell, making our partnership the best it can be. We often brainstorm ideas as needed, working together to make my website the best it can possibly be. I am a lucky client to have him as my personal website manager at Townsquare Interactive! Two thumbs up!"

                -Michelle Pringle


                Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

                "I am extremely happy with Townsquare Interactive. The cost made me very skeptical but, due to the response from the website being directly connected to the customers, has made a substantial improvement in my business. My digital marketing specialist makes all the changes on the website as I need it. She is always available and polite. I highly recommend your company to my colleagues in the business. Thank you."

                -Chef George Edward Kretzu



                  Air Trust HVAC

                  Nashville, Tennessee

                  "I would like to thank my digital marketing specialist for the great job he has done for us here at Air Trust HVAC in Nashville, TN. We are a small, family-owned business, and he has really helped me understand the power of Google comments left on our site and prepared a nice flyer for our clients to help them with their comments. Moreover, he helped me fix a problem we were having with our Facebook page, and that was above and beyond the scope of his duties. You guys at Townsquare are doing a great job of helping us grow and move our business forward. Keep up the good work. It is greatly appreciated."

                  -Steve Binkley



                    Aeration Station Lawncare

                    Concord, North Carolina

                    "We were with another website company for 10 years and had a very small amount of interaction. We have seen more done and had more calls and interactions with Townsquare Interactive in a few days than we had with our other website provider in 10 years."

                    -Anthony Brindle

                    Empire Landscape

                    Vestal, New York

                    "I have used several advertising services during my 14 years in business. I was never pleased with any of the results. When Townsquare Interactive approached me, I was hesitant. They asked me to give them three months to get things going. I agreed and was happy to hear that the service was based on monthly, not yearly, contracts. Needless to say, I am excited about my website and my online presence. My digital marketing specialist is always there, step-by-step, and even calls and emails to check in or to remind me of something. He even called this past week to help me work on looking for more employees to help with the increased workload we are receiving. I cannot say enough about Townsquare Interactive. I'm excited to see our future growth together."

                    -Justin Teed



                      Shealey Law Firm

                      Columbia, South Carolina

                      "Townsquare Interactive does a great job for my law firm's website needs. Prior to finding Townsquare Interactive, I used several other underwhelming companies for SEO work that were overpriced and didn't perform. Townsquare Interactive does a great job with the SEO and created a beautiful website. My digital marketing specialist is my contact point, and she is extremely attentive to our frequent requests and is always striving to give us exactly what we want. Couldn't ask for a better relationship with a website company."

                      -Luke Shealey

                      Law Office of Justin Nelson

                      Fallbrook, California

                      "My digital marketing specialist was helpful and friendly. He actually took the time to get a sense of what I wanted my page to communicate substantively. After a bad experience with terrible content by another company, I feel confident that my website is in competent hands."

                      -Justin Nelson



                        TR Lenz Photography

                        Memphis, Tennessee

                        "I am feeling really good about my decision to go with Townsquare Interactive. After my not-so-good experience with another company for 7 months, I am sure you heard lots of hesitation from me during our call. I absolutely love my digital marketing specialist. I love the fact that I am totally kept up to date on the whole process. Love hearing excitement in her voice when she called about the progress of my new website. Not sure if I am more anxious to see it or if she is more anxious to show me."

                        -Tammy Roberson

                        SECURITY INVESTIGATIONS

                          SECURITY & INVESTIGATIONS

                          Sylvan Security

                          Lake Charles, Louisiana

                          "You are a constant reminder of the level of excellence [with which] a corporate representative should respond to customer questions and concerns."

                          -Mel Whalen

                          Camp Security Plus

                          Jefferson, Maine

                          "I cannot say how much I have appreciated working with you on this new endeavor of mine. I kind of wish you were handling my account because I really am gonna be sad when we are not in contact anymore. You are very much a professional, and I appreciate all of your efforts."

                          -Angela Pandolfi

                          VEHICULAR REPAIR

                            VEHICLE REPAIR

                            Bradley Diesel Service

                            Mount Vernon, Indiana

                            "My digital marketing specialist is doing a great job for our business! We have been seeing a steady increase in business from the work she has done. Excited to see our business grow in the coming year. Very satisfied!"

                            -Cory Kohlmeyer