Eastside Fish Fry & Grill

    Restaurant in Lansing, Michigan

    Henry needed to get more customers to keep his restaurant afloat.

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    The Challenge

    • Henry went all-in on his restaurant and hired a friend to build him a website.
    • He paid $100 for every website change or edit, which got very expensive very fast.
    • His customers had no easy way of contacting him or getting directions to his restaurant.

    Our Solution

    • We built Henry an all-new website with unlimited edits that are always free.
    • We added a Click for Directions button and made sure the restaurant's address and phone number are always visible.
    • Our SEO experts cleaned up Eastside's directory listings and identified the keywords most likely to get the website found in search results.

    Eastside Fish Fry's Results

    Average of 12k page views per month

    54% of views come from getting found in search

    Ranking on the first page of Google for restaurant terms such as "best wings," "fresh seafood" and "fried chicken"


    Website Design

    Eastside Fish Fry & Grill's website is professionally designed and optimized for mobile use, so Henry's business looks great even if a potential customer is viewing on the go. He can edit the website at any time or submit changes to our team of experts. The best part? Those edits are unlimited and free, which means Henry can always keep his restaurant's website updated with its latest menu and events.

    Directory Listing Optimization

    Henry wants to be sure his customers can find Eastside Fish Fry & Grill and get in touch, so we keep his business listings optimized across more than 70 online directories. We checked the accuracy and consistency of his business name, address and phone number across the web, which helps potential customers find his restaurant more easily and also looks great to search engines ranking his site.

    Search Engine Optimization

    We optimized the Eastside Fish Fry & Grill website for a list of restaurant- and location-specific keywords to boost its rankings in search results and move it toward the top of page one. Part of the search engine optimization process is updating meta-tags and meta-descriptions in the back end of the site. This, paired with corrected directory listings, gives Eastside the best chance of ranking at or near the top of search results in Lansing, MI.

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