It’s finally here! The last day of our countdown to Christmas! While there’s nothing quite like the warm and fuzzy feeling you get on Christmas Day, a close second might be hearing Mary Johns’ story.

Mary’s Mountain Cookies | Client Since October 2012 |

For anyone who wants to begin again, start their own business, find their passion and purpose and believe in the goodness of humanity, this story is for you. From dude ranch cook to CEO, Mary has grown her business into a national brand and brought happiness into many people’s lives, and we’ve helped make that possible.

Mary’s passion isn’t online marketing. It’s not building an e-commerce site to make sure her customers can easily buy her cookies from across the country, either. It’s baking incredible cookies, and it’s a personal passion. “Your website, your business is your baby,” Mary says. “You’re trusting that these people are going to see and communicate to a broader audience who you are.” We’re humbled to play that role in Mary’s story and know that small business owners everywhere deserve the success that Mary has seen.

Thanks for counting down our 12 Days of Small Businesses with us, and merry Christmas from our family to yours.