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We run a very busy computer retail store, we do what we do and we do not do websites. We just didn’t have time to manage our social media. Townsquare has done a great job. More and more people are doing internet searches and we simply were not listed on the searches. We have seen sales increase by nearly 50% since going with Townsquare. Last month we grossed nearly 175k. That was a lot for our little business. Elk City has a population of about 25,000. I like the fact that we are not under a contract with them.
If I didn’t see results, I wouldn’t stay with them each month.

Justin L.

Retail Computer Store

Katlin is awesome! She is creative, organized, and very willing to learn something new. She has an excellent understanding of social media, and she keeps up on the latest trends and newest changes. She gives great advice, but in a very nice way, and she's very willing to listen to the viewpoints of others. You are very fortunate to have Katlin on your team - as are we!!!!!

Sandy G.


Your professional customer service to help me with my site and to know that you're available to help solve any issues I might have is GREATLY appreciated :). I will be sure and contact you if I have any problems. Kudos to you for doing such a great job !! Keep up the great work !!

PS- As a business owner or anyone for that matter it is very nice to receive a phone call / voice-mail calling to assure / assist customers with any issues that they might have.


Landscaping Company

Brittany has done an excellent job helping and assisting us with our website and SEO. We have come a long way and now it seems to be working for us. She still helps me out with our site if I ask and gets things done very quickly. We are very happy with everything and working with Brittany is a big weight off my shoulders.

Matthew J.

Laser Marking & Cutting Company

My wife and I are new business owners and are new to this world of advertising. On our first conference call Brittany put our mind at ease by making us feel like she was a new member of our pizzeria. We look forward to working with her. Thanks Brittany and keep up the great work.

Kara & Andrew W.


I am certainly happy with our decision to let Townsquare Interactive handle our website needs. I look forward to seeing what changes and improvements we can make to the site, and trust TSI can help meet our online goals. They have been good for Danco Packaging and your business should consider them for your internet needs.

Jessica C.

Moving & Packing Supplies Company

I have spent the last few weeks working with Jessica on building my first professionally designed web page; I don't think I could say more than to say it is now the backbone of my business.

Jessica has been nothing but outstanding to work with!! I could not be more pleased!!

Ward W.

Financial Services

Thom was professional, understanding and courteous throughout the process of improving my firm's SEO campaign. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the on-line presence of businesses, but I was especially impressed with his ethics and integrity. I have been presented SEO work from vendors before and felt the practice always walked a very thin ethical line. Thom had none of this and used his knowledge and professionalism to capture the right audience in the right way.

Derek M.

Law Office

It has been such a great experience working with Megan. I asked for the wow factor and gave her total control to design my sites . Man did she deliver... Thanks! I have enjoyed working with you.

Rodney J.

Mobile Home Sales