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Turn Web Traffic Into Foot Traffic With a Smart Website Layout

Prominent Logo

Your logo is your business's calling card, and it's often the first thing people recognize and remember. So, give it a prominent spot on your website. Displaying it at the top of each page is a great way to capture your visitors' attention.

Simple Navigation

When a potential customer visits your website, they likely have a goal in mind. Make it easy for them to find what they're looking for - like your menu or open hours - with a navigation bar that's streamlined and easy to follow.

Strong Calls to Action

Your goal is to get your customers to take the next step, whether that's visiting your restaurant, calling or filling out a form on your website. Well-placed calls to action will encourage them to learn more and get in touch with you.

Featured Services

What makes your restaurant, food truck, bar or café stand out from the rest? Highlight what makes you great - whether that's your menu or your services - and encourage your potential customers to learn more with well-placed calls to action.

Links to Internal Pages

Google takes notice when your website content includes links to other pages on your site. Doing so not only keeps visitors on your site for longer, but also improves your rankings on search engines so you're easier to find online.

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