Website Design for Roofers

Convert Traffic to Leads With a Strong Website Layout

Prominent Logo

The first things visitors should see when they arrive on your website are your business name and your logo. Doing this reinforces brand awareness and name recognition, ensuring you stick in their minds.

Simple Navigation

A streamlined navigation menu helps your potential customers find their way around your website and stay engaged with its content. In the end, that helps you convert more visitors into leads.

Strong Calls to Action

You want your website visitors to take some sort of action, whether it's to contact you or submit a form. Your website should be full of calls to action, or buttons, prompting them to take that next step.

Featured Services

Show you visitors an overview of the roofing services you provide so they know you're the roofer they need. Each featured service should include a call-to-action button that takes them deeper into your website and convinces them to contact you.

Links to Internal Pages

The content on your website should include links to the other pages on your site. Not only does this keep visitors on your website for a longer period of time, but it also improves your rankings on search engines and helps you show up near the top of search results.

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