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Respond to Reviews Like a Pro With These Tips From Other Business Owners

How do you handle reviews for your small business? If you don’t handle them at all, you might be in trouble. The worst thing you can do is ignore customer feedback—whether it’s positive or negative. If you are responding to reviews, how’s your tone? Do you always sound professional and understanding? Here are the big

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Good & Bad Online Reviews Are Amazing Opportunities!

There’s Opportunity in Every Online Review Are you listening to your customers? Really listening? Reviews are usually a touchy subject for businesses because of how critical they are to success. It’s common for businesses to shrug off great reviews and panic when a 1 star review comes in. This mindset hinders a business’s ability to

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Capitalize on Happy Customers: Ask for Online Reviews

by Bryce Tedeschi In an age where customers always have the last word, it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse of what people are saying about you online. Reviews influence buying decisions (90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. – Dimensional Research) and can affect your websites rankings and

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