7 SEO Myths You Should Know About



Do you know the difference between SEO facts and fiction? We’re going to shed light on 7 SEO myths to help you uncover the truth!

SEO Myth #1: “Google Changes Its Algorithm Too Often”

Google’s updates always have the user in mind. Updates happen if they can improve the results or keep up with technological changes. For example, Google’s mobile algorithm update that gave a boost to mobile friendly sites on mobile devices makes sense. Mobile sites give users a better user experience, and therefore they should be prioritized in mobile searches. Google doesn’t make updates just for the sake of doing it. It’s about giving users the best results.

SEO Myth #2: “Meta Keywords Are Critical for Ranking Websites”

If anyone says this to you, turn around and run. Meta keywords at one point were used to help tell search engines what your pages were about. However, the system had a lot of room for abuse. Black hat web developers were able to put whatever they wanted regardless of what the actual website’s content pertained to. Since this was the case, Google stopped using meta keywords entirely. In fact, Google’s support page which explains what meta tags Google understands does not even mention meta keywords. If that doesn’t convince you, how about Google’s post dating back to 2009 that flat out says Google does not use meta keywords to rank websites? So don’t even bother with this. Meta keywords are a thing of the past. Sometimes scam companies use meta keywords as a sales tactic. They tell business owners their site “isn’t on Google” because there’s no meta keywords. It’s a scam.

SEO Myth #3: “Once I’m on Page 1, I Don’t Need SEO Anymore”

Good luck with this kind of mentality. Rankings on Google are never stable, SEO is not a “one and done” kind of deal. With Google’s algorithm updates, you’ll always want to be ready for Google’s changes. Otherwise, you may fall off.  Instead of “picking up” SEO again once your results go away, stick with it so you don’t need to pick up the pieces. SEO experts can usually see updates coming by knowing what the newest trends are in technology and by keeping up with Google’s experts.

If you stop doing SEO, that also leaves all your competition the opportunity to invest in their own SEO to take you down. SEO is not a product. It’s not something you buy and leave behind. It’s something you will always need.

SEO Myth #4: “My Second Cousin Once Removed Can Take it From Here”

If your cousin couldn’t get you on page 1 before you started doing SEO, how are they magically going to keep you there?

SEO Myth #5: “SEO Isn’t Worth Anything If I’m Not Getting Leads”

Why aren’t you getting leads? Are you doing any other marketing outside of SEO? Does your website suck? Do you have a conversion issue? SEO should never be the only marketing a business does. On its own there is definitely potential, however there needs to be more. Is there a high demand for your product or service? If there isn’t, then create it.

Are you on top of Google for your services in your area with high traffic to your site with no sales to show for it? Then maybe your website has a conversion issue. SEO isn’t something to just throw money at and expect to get rich. SEO is part of what should be a more comprehensive marketing strategy.

SEO Myth #6: “SEO Is a Scam”

Do you believe being in front of thousands of potential customers is a scam?

SEO Myth #7: “Google Changes Things to Throw People Off”

As stated earlier, Google’s changes always have a purpose. Google doesn’t change things “for the sake of change.” There’s no reason to do that. Google wants to show the best results so that the user searching keeps coming back.

They do this by:

  • Blocking spam
  • Penalizing webmasters using black hat tactics
  • Rewarding sites that are mobile friendly
  • Applying a new quality guideline to make sure the best and most relevant sites get shown first

Google makes updates (like the ones stated above) to create a better user experience. Period.

SEO Fact: “SEO Is Time Consuming”

For the one doing the work, you bet it’s time consuming! That’s what Townsquare Interactive is for. From building killer websites to professional SEO services, Townsquare Interactive takes the hassle out of it so you can keep focused on other aspects of your business. Want to learn more? Schedule a demo to talk to a digital marketing expert who can help you get found online, attract customers and grow your business.