Our Interns Share Their Experiences at Townsquare Interactive

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This summer Townsquare Interactive had the pleasure of hosting eight interns! Our intern class was the first group of interns to participate in Townsquare Interactive’s internship program. In the midst of their busy day with professional development trainings, cold calling, and working on client campaigns we had a chance to chat with them about their experience and takeaways. Meet the interns and read all about their experience.


Meet Our Interns!

Mary Louise Bolt

Digital Marketing Intern

Hometown – Charlotte, NC

School – UNC Chapel Hill

Major – Advertising, School of Media and Journalism

Michael Fynn

Sales Development Intern

Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey

School: Elon University

Major – Marketing with a focus in Sales/Sport and Event Management


Bryanna Hames

Digital Marketing Intern

Hometown – Charlotte, NC

School – Elon University

Major – Marketing and Strategic Communications

Minor – Sales and Business Administration


Hayden Kaizen

Sales Development Intern

Hometown – Rockwood, PA

School – Thiel College

Major – Business Administration – Marketing

Minor – Athletic Coaching

Bri-Anna Lewis

Digital Marketing Intern

Hometown: Wilson, NC

School: UNC Charlotte

Major – Marketing Analytics

Minor – Communication Studies


Casey Moore

Digital Marketing Intern

Hometown – Durham, NC

School – UNC Charlotte

Major – Marketing

Minor – Communication Studies


Janet Rocha

Sales Development Intern

Hometown – Kernersville, NC

School – High Point University

Major – International Business

Minor – Spanish and Accounting


Charlie Zambetti

Sales Development Intern

Hometown – Charlotte, NC

School – Hampden-Sydney College

Major – Economics and Business

Minor – Rhetoric


What was one of your best moments at TSI?

“My best moment at TSI thus far has been our team meetings. They’re very motivational and our leaders really do care about our progress. Our managers are very supportive throughout the day and will take the time to answer any questions and guide us through tough experiences.”  – Janet Rocha, Sales Intern

“My best moment at TSI thus far has been watching a business I prospected make its way through the process and become a client of ours.”  – Charlie Zambetti, Sales Intern


Why did you choose TSI?

“I chose TSI because I saw an opportunity to grow as [an] individual just entering the work force. I also saw an opportunity for a permanent position after college. It looked like a great environment to get my feet wet.” – Hayden Kaizen, Sales Intern

“I picked TSI because it was clear that I would be doing work relevant to my future career, getting hands on learning experience, participating in networking opportunities, and joining a vibrant work environment.”  – Bri-Anna Lewis, Service Intern


How has your internship at TSI affected your career goals and aspirations?

“My internship at TSI has really motivated me to work [for] a company that truly impacts other people’s lives and helps grow businesses. I have seen the major impact TSI can have on small businesses throughout the country, especially through the relationships the Digital Marketing Specialists make with their clients.”  – Mary-Louise Bolt, Service Intern

“TSI further confirmed my passion for digital marketing. I love that the digital marketing world is always changing. Every day is a new challenge! In the future I aspire to be the Chief Marketing Officer for a major retailer. My internship at TSI has taught me the importance of always seeking new professional growth opportunities. If I want to be a part of a team, project or new initiative, ask.”  – Casey Moore, Service Intern


Who’s been the most influential person you’ve met at TSI?

“…the most influential person I have met [at TSI] has been Bryce. He made me realize that I was going to fail at cold calling, and make mistakes. He compared being on the phone to playing football, which made it a lot easier for me to understand. – Hayden Kaizen, Sales Intern

“Melinda. Her radiant personality brings joy and happiness to me even on rough days. She has helped me, not only professionally, but also personally to see things in a different light and honestly, I am honored to have her as my mentor/advisor.”  – Bryanna Hames, Service Intern

“Company President, Tim Pirrone has been extremely influential, since meeting him on the first day of the internship.  From pep talks to seeing how he interacts with employees around the sales-floor, Tim has really shown me what it takes to be a leader in today’s business world.”  – Mike Fynn, Sales Intern


How would you describe Townsquare Interactive in three words?

“Innovative. Transparent. Jazzy.”  – Casey Moore, Service Intern

“Fun. Energetic. Interesting.”  – Charlie Zambetti, Sales Intern


What’s your favorite lunch spot in Uptown Charlotte?

“My favorite lunch spot is Peculiar Pizza. I love, love, love pizza. That place has $10 pizzas with unlimited toppings, so it’s heaven for me.”  – Janet Rocha, Sales Intern

“Vapiano! It has so many great options for everyone, from pizza to pasta to salad. A plus is the lively atmosphere and cool environment.”  – Mary-Louise Bolt, Service Intern


What advice would you give someone starting and internship at Townsquare Interactive?

“Network. TSI is filled with awesome people from a plethora of backgrounds and interest. It’s a melting pot of so many different things. Don’t be afraid to go up and start a conversation. You never know where it may lead.” – Casey Moore, Service Intern

“…take advantage of all TSI has to offer, especially the people. It has been such an amazing opportunity to be a part of such a diverse and talented team of professionals in the marketing field. […] I would advise someone starting an internship here to ask questions and really take the time to network and learn from the amazing team at TSI.” – Mary Louise Bolt, Service Intern

“Make sure you take advantage of all the learning opportunities TSI has to offer. Ask as many questions as you can, because it’s always more valuable to learn than to be lost in the long run. Learning, growing, educating, and networking with the people around you is vital to career success and is key to making sure you get the most out of your internship. Further, the relationships you make at TSI can last forever, so get to know people.” – Bryanna Hames, Service Intern

“I would advise anyone starting the sales internship at TSI to make sure to keep a short memory if they want to be successful in their time here.  Whether you have a really good or really bad day it is incredibly important to attack each day with the same intensity to maximize your potential as a sales rep.” – Michael Fynn, Sales Intern

“The biggest word of advice is to take FULL advantage of all the managers. I have a notepad and a half worth of sales tip (all GREAT stuff). All the managers are super fun and really know their stuff. They always take the time to teach you when you ask, which is why I love this environment.” – Janet Rocha, Service Intern


What was your biggest takeaway from your Townsquare Interactive internship?

“My biggest takeaway from TSI will definitely be the people I’ve been able to connect and build friendships with and the value of having hands on marketing experience with clients and client campaigns. TSI has given me an opportunity to grow, learn more about marketing and what all a campaign entails. This is my first full-time internship, and I truly appreciate Townsquare giving me the chance to advance my skill set and add to my marketing success.”  – Bryanna Hames, Service Intern

My biggest takeaway from this internship was the importance of persistence and perseverance in the workplace.  Not everything might work out the way you want in the workplace but as long as your effort level is high and you are doing the right things then good fortune will find you.” – Michael Fynn, Sales Intern

“I am so grateful that I have had the privilege to work with people that not only add so much to the company and its culture, but have also taken the time to add to my personal learning experience at the company.” – Mary Louise Bolt, Service Intern

“The skills I gained from cold calling are my biggest takeaways and I know for sure I’m going to use them for my future career. I definitely feel more confident talking with people, both on and off the phone. I also feel like I can sell whatever product to anyone because of the lessons we learned here at Townsquare. It’s been a great experience honestly!” – Janet Rocha, Service Intern


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About the Author: Casey Moore is a Digital Marketing Specialist Summer/Fall 2017 Intern at Townsquare Interactive. She currently attends UNCC as a Marketing major.