Playing for Others: Red Carpet Buddy Event 2017

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There are a lot of beautiful things in the world, but nothing is as enjoyable as the smile and laughter of happy children and happy people. Playing for Others, an organization that fosters both happiness and lots of laughter, celebrated 10 years in style by holding their annual Red Carpet Buddy Event. The occasion was truly an affair to remember with teens and “buddies” taking the red carpet for the premier of the event’s first-ever musical performance of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”.

Sixteen Townsquare Interactive employees joined teens and “buddies” at the Playing for Others Red Carpet Buddy event to participate in volunteer activities that included everything from directing parking, attending elevators and running tables, to cheering on the buddies and getting autographs. Townsquare Interactive employees enjoyed themselves so much, they wanted to share their experience…

“I loved interacting with the children and cheering them on while they walked down the red carpet! It was priceless to see the look on their faces!”Lesley Mitchell

I think what struck me was just how committed everyone at Playing for Others was to the cause. Everybody involved 100% invested themselves into making it a memorable experience for the cast of the play. It was one of the most genuinely warm environments I’ve ever been a part of.”Chris Ireland

My favorite part of the event was cheering for the buddies as they got off the limos. Seeing their faces light up as they strutted down the red carpet was amazing! I’m so thankful for Erin setting up this opportunity for us [TSI] to be a part of such an awesome cause for the day!”Lauren Kennedy

“I enjoyed the opportunity to serve and encourage the children. It was rewarding to see both the children, and their buddies enjoying the spotlight of the event. Everything was well coordinated and the play was funny. I will definitely participate again in the future. So glad that I was invited to participate.”Ronel Dorvil

“I go however often I’m able to work at these events and get SO much back from them. The biggest takeaway for the buddies in the program is coming back with REAL friends- something they often don’t have before becoming a part of PFO. There’s nothing that I enjoy more during these events than not only getting to participate and interact with the teens and buddies, but also getting to experience and witness the JOY that it brings the teens and adults. I think the biggest take away from this event in particular is that you really DON’T have to do much to turn someone’s day around, and make them feel like 100 bucks. All it takes is a smile, a wave or asking for their autograph as they take a stroll down the red carpet to potentially change their lives for the better!”Erin Gaeckle

“My husband James and I attended the PFO Buddy event. It was a great opportunity to give back to the Charlotte community alongside our co-workers. I think my favorite part was seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces when they walked (or ran) the red carpet, with everyone cheering and clapping for them. It was such a joy-filled day and so fun to help the kids feel special and loved.”Mary Grace Whitney

“I have a special needs daughter, and being able to see kids just like my daughter be treated with kindness and generosity instead of being judged for being different was awesome. My wife and I had a great time and would definitely attend another event like this!”Steven Adeneye

The Red Carpet Buddy event is clearly a worthwhile occasion for anyone who wants to help grow servant leaders and be a part of something truly extraordinary. It not only changes the lives of the teens and “buddies”, but it also changes the lives of the people who participate and volunteer. To learn more about how you can help Playing for Others, visit