The Five T’s of Online Review Management

Tips for Battling the Negative Reviews Blues

You know your business like the back of your hand – after all, you built it from the ground up. But, thanks to a quick Google search, you barely recognize your own business after reading the slew of damaging reviews that are scattered across the web.

What’s worse, these negative write-ups seem to rise to the top. Before potential customers can even find your address and business hours, they’re inundated with a wall of complaints and bad experiences that would cast a shadow of doubt in anybody’s mind.

After years of work establishing your reputation in your community, you know that first impressions are important. You also know that one nasty Yelp review can overshadow all your great reviews from happy customers, just like one small cavity can weaken an entire row of healthy teeth.

It’s Time to Overhaul Your Online Reputation

Your online presence is overdue for a deep clean, but where do you start? Online Reputation Monitoring (ORM) may seem like a daunting – maybe even impossible – task. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to start improving your image on the web.

Ready to start addressing your negative reviews and reclaiming control over your all-important web presence? Read the Five Ts of Online Reputation Management:

  1. Transparency
    It might be tempting to bury your head in the sand, but addressing online criticism is essential to the health of your online reputation. By avoiding the issue, you’re surrendering your power to re-frame the conversation in a positive light. Respond to your critics! Always be direct, honest and real. Your other clients will be impressed, and you’ll be one step closer to regaining control of your reputation.
  2. Timing
    Although it’s never a good idea to respond during a fit of passion, it’s important to address online criticism ASAP! By responding quickly, you can steer the conversation in a constructive direction and prevent prospective customers from reading a one-sided story. Let your dissatisfied customers know that you hear them and you’re looking into their complaint. When it comes to ORM, time is always of the essence.
  3. Tone
    Negative reviews can be hurtful, nit-picky and, sometimes, just plain false. Regardless of how unfounded a review is, take the high road and respond with polite professionalism. Keep it short, simple and sweet. Which leads into our next tip…
  4. Take It Offline
    Have you ever seen two old buddies hash it out on your Facebook newsfeed for everyone to see? It’s like a train wreck, and you can’t look away. Avoid this pitfall at all costs! The anonymity of the internet can make your cranky customers bold, and they might write things online that they’d never say to you in person. Respond quickly and professionally, and always invite them to resolve their complaint on a more personal platform. It doesn’t matter if you’d rather converse via email or face-to-face – anything is better than a big public exchange.
  5. Team Up
    Your time is valuable, but online reviews don’t abide by your schedule. Customers leave reviews 24/7 across numerous different sites. While the Internet never sleeps, you still need to in order to provide your customers with the best care possible. Online Reputation Management is important, but who has time to watch the web all day? You can’t do it all, so you might want to explore the idea of teaming up with a company of online marketing experts. They can diligently monitor your web presence, while you stay focused on your top priorities – your business and your customers.

Stay One Step Ahead of Your Online Reputation With Monitoring Services
When you’re ready to team up with subject matter experts and protect your online reputation, remember that Townsquare Interactive is here to help! We’ll scrub your existing web presence and keep a watchful eye on all future reviews and postings.


About the Author: Anna Royal is an onboarding specialist at Townsquare Interactive. She makes sure her clients are set up for success when they start a new online marketing campaign.

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