Top 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes That Will Cost You

by Nadia Saar

5 Digital MarketingMistakes

Are You Making These 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes With Your Small Business?

Every small business needs a successful online presence to survive in today’s digital world. Social networks and websites are dominating the market. Because of this, every business in America is looking to invest in digital marketing. But does your business understand what makes a digital marketing campaign successful?

Here Are the Top 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make:

1. Inconsistent Company Information and Goals Could Cost You

You should know your company and what you hope to achieve by building an online presence. According to Forbes, most companies fail due to lack of proper planning and organization. This happens because none of the information is consistent and the goals are not set. Know your company and your digital marketing goals before you start.

2. Not Knowing or Understanding Your Target Audience Makes Your Marketing Flat

If you don’t know your target audience or have an idea about who you would like to target, your online marketing attempts will be just that- attempts. Understand your audience’s needs, expectations, and opinions about your industry or product. This will help you to understand how to market to them. Success depends on research!

3. Multiple Websites or Social Media Accounts Cause Confusion

There’s nothing more confusing to a customer than Googling your business name only to come up with three websites, two Facebooks, and a Twitter account your company hasn’t posted on since 2012.

Per Google best practices, businesses should have:

  • One website
  • One Google My Business listing
  • One clear presence on any social media network

This help with your rankings and helps with reporting accurate business information. Inaccurate information and multiple sites can cause severe damage to a digital marketing campaign. Why? Google can’t decide what information is correct. Google will not rank a site they think is wrong or reports invalid information.

4.  Unrealistic SEO Expectations Will Lead to Frustration

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed dramatically over the last couple years. Long gone are the days when keywords were simply all your business had to worry about to rank or gain new business. Now, the focus is on what Forbes calls “natural language searches”. This is how your customers are searching the web for what they need.

What this means for you as a business owner is that your patience is what will drive your company’s success. Having realistic expectations will ensure long-term online growth for your company. Expecting a strong conversion rate in the beginning stages of a digital marketing campaign could cost you if you’re too eager to wait it out.

The current state of your business’ website, how long your website has been around, and other SEO factors can determine when your SEO will turn into leads. Work with your SEO professional. Look for ways to continue improving your growth rather than expecting an SEO miracle.

5. Constantly Changing Digital Marketing Firms Disrupts Your Campaign

Understanding your small business and its needs for digital marketing will help you pick the best digital marketing firm for your online campaign. Rather than close your eyes and pick the first marketing company you see, ask around or do some research. Once you’ve found “the one” stick with it!

Many businesses jump ship because they are not seeing immediate results. Changing digital marketing companies is a hassle. It requires you take down your website, only to build another one with a new company. It’s a long and tedious process that in the end will disrupt your digital marketing campaign.  It will cause your business to lose or miss out on new customers.

There’s a lot that goes into a successful digital marketing campaign. Don’t make these mistakes. Get in touch with us today to get your digital marketing campaign started! Click the button below to schedule a conversation with a digital marketing expert.