Why It’s Critical Not to Rely on Word-of-Mouth

by Lo’Vonia Parks


With most things in life, there is the power of three. The Trinity, the Three Amigos, a Children’s Meal with a toy and drink… you get the point.

When thinking of the rule of three, people often think about something pop-culture related. However, it can be applied to marketing, as well. Now, let’s make this relatable to what we all love: FOOD.

Allow me to break it down for you as to why it’s critical for you to rely on not only word-of-mouth, but also on a great web presence. I’m about to build you the best hand-crafted, artisan sammich ever (a sandwich, for those who ain’t from ‘round here). It’s going to be so good that you’re going to want to take a picture of it and share it with your friends.

Here’s the recipe: Word-of-Mouth + Website = Good Business. Be warned – upon devouring this gem of information, I expect you to start seeing things a little differently. Let’s begin…

Word-of-Mouth Benefits

Word-of-mouth is one of the first marketing tools known to man. Literally.

Chances are, if a friend tells you “Cave Man A” is better at crushing rocks than “A-Plus Crush,” who are you going to take your crushing business to?

Cave Man A.

Decisions are made based on familiarity. What I’m saying is this: most of your decisions are based on who you know. As the saying goes: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

Word-of-mouth business spreads faster than butter on toast. Word-of-mouth is the tried-and-true pretzel bun that’s crisp with a soft, warm flavor you love!

“But you know what this would be good with?” Have you heard that one before? Right when you’re thinking to yourself that your hot, buttered bun couldn’t get any better, your foodie friend brings you some hickory-smoked, apple-rub prosciutto that changes the game… Meet your website. It’s delicious.

The Importance of Your Business’s Website

Your website backs up word-of-mouth with credible knowledge for your prospective customer to feast upon. It gives them something to refer to and gives you a way to steer them to the point of purchase. Remember, you can’t have a killer bun without the fixins, hun.

Factual information is a key component in making a buying decision. This is your time to go into detail about who you are, what you do and how you get it done. Think about it as your executive resume – same thing, different platform. When customers see an actual website, it signals credibility.

Yeah, you can ride the wave of phone calls. But the market has changed, and an online presence is a must. It is the new standard. Your content should be rich and thick with savory content that relates to your business to back up the amount of experience you have in the field. Don’t let good salami go to waste on that Saltine! Both elements here (bun and meat) should be equally strong! I’m hungry. You should be, too. Let’s finish this meal.

Your Online Reputation Matters

Now that you have your incredible bun, “out of this world” prosciutto and fixins (content, services, reviews), let’s put a lid (or bun) on this appetizing situation with the final slice of knowledge of good business. It is imperative that your reputation and website be delivered as a package.

Why? Think about it.

Your online reputation can make or break a sale. If your friend says they had an amazing experience, but you pull up their Google reviews that all say it’s terrible, you will certainly second-guess your decision.

The Dessert

We live in the Digital Age. Simply put, a business will not grow to its full potential by only relying on word-of-mouth. Remember word-of-mouth + website = good business! If you need help optimizing your online presence, click the link below!