4 Reasons You Should Make Your Site Worth Reading

by Laura Edington

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Elevate your lackluster content and bring in more business

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”  – Benjamin Franklin

Well worded websites that focus on understanding the customer have never been more important. The days of thin, keyword stuffed content are over. To have high search visibility, your website must contain high quality, relevant, informational content.

Here are four reasons why you should care about your content.

1. Get on the First Page of Google and in Front of Customers

Is one of your goals is to be in the first spot on the first page of Google? Quality, consumer oriented content is how you grab the top spot. The importance of quality content can’t be stressed enough – the keyword being quality.

Gone are the days when websites used black hat SEO and poorly worded paragraphs. Google awards quality content that reads well, with user experience being their top priority.

2. Tell Potential Clients About Your Business

Appeasing Google isn’t the only reason why you should make your site worth reading. It’s important to include information about your business.

Let’s set the scene- You’re searching for a pool repair business. You land on a site with almost no content that leaves you wondering what the company actually does. How fast you would click the back button?

Super quick.

If website visitors have a clear understanding of who you are and how you can help them, there’s a higher chance for a them to convert into a paying client.

3. Keep Your Reader Interested in Your Business

Now that you’re on the first page of Google, and people actually know what your business is, how can you keep them on your website? The answer is content that knocks their socks off.

The average attention span of a reader is 8.25 seconds.  You have to grab their attention quick. Having boring content is guaranteeing they’ll click off your site.

Original content that hook the reader is how you convert visitors into buyers.

4. Make a Lasting First Impression

When you’re researching a business, do you judge when you see a typo in a headline or a poorly worded paragraph? Customers do the same after checking out the content on your website. And often times, your site is the first thing people see about your business. Want to receive a positive first impression? You need quality content that’s free of punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes. Edited content will give your business a more professional appeal, and make the reader trust your expertise.

These are only four of the countless reasons why you should make the paragraphs on your site a priority. Take a look at the text on your website and put yourself in your audiences’ shoes. Do you think your content is worth reading?

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