Yes, Your Secondary Pages Can Help SEO & Website Ranking

by Patrick Bogans

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Secondary pages can help pad your site with engaging information

Blogs, SEO analysts and fellow businessmen recommend that your business’s homepage has a decent amount of relevant information about your company.

Secondary pages are pages that you access through another page, usually by clicking a link or push button. But your homepage isn’t the only way your website can show up to potential customers. Secondary pages are important, too.

Secondary pages are the other pages on your website other than your homepage. They serve a key function because many hungry searchers are looking for more than just “who, what and where.” They are searching for answers to their questions. Secondary pages are the perfect place to include engaging information.

Here are 5 important reasons why you should give some TLC to your site’s secondary pages:

1) Secondary pages also show up in search.

Basically it’s this: The more content you create for your site, the more likely someone is going to find it.

Writing a little bit about the specifics of bankruptcy law, or benefit of tree removal will certainly help your site branch into searches you didn’t expect to show up on. This ties into the second point:

2) Consumers come to secondary pages because they want more specific answers.

When your site is an accurate, and easily accessible source of information, people will turn to your business first. Just by writing about what you know, you’ve become their trusted source for this information.

They aren’t going to find this sort of info on a business’ home page.

Explaining the basics of real estate law or the benefits of HVAC maintenance makes you their reliable source. Take the time to list out what you know in basic terms, and you’ll have plenty of traffic in no time.

3) Secondary pages keeps readers on your site, converting visitors to customers

If you give your customers more to click on and learn about:

  • Your site will have a better reader retention rate
  • The searcher won’t have to hop around to anymore sites
  • They’ll probably stumble upon your contact information

Just like any of us, we bookmark and remember sites that help us. Your site could be someone’s new go-to source for information on the subject. (But remember to always keep your content fresh and grammatically correct.)

4) Secondary pages help give your site structure for SEO

All your business’ key terms can’t fit on a homepage. After reading the city name so many times, your reader can become distracted.

Secondary pages can house these more specific SEO terms, so your homepage isn’t bombarded with formal SEO phrases.

5) Secondary pages are perfect to share on social media

Sharing your homepage on Facebook or Twitter isn’t engaging to customers. But a secondary page that includes fascinating information could very well be.

The next time you write about your services, write about the benefits. Give advice to those searching for answer. Explain something complicated in laymen’s terms. Using these tactics and sharing these pages can help your site get “likes” and “favorites”.

Overall, secondary pages full of engaging information can help bring visitors to your site, and hopefully customers to your doorstep. So get to writing!

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