Roofing Social Media: 10 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Roofing Companies

Roofing Social Media: 10 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Roofing CompaniesRunning a successful roofing business is like a balancing act. You juggle crews, subcontractors, inventory, clients—and hustling to attract business. With your packed schedule, marketing often gets neglected.

Yet, in our digital age, an online presence for roofing companies is crucial. An appealing website, positive reviews, and active social media will help roofers stand out.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Roofing Companies

You might wonder if social media marketing is even worth the time and effort. If that’s the case, take a look at the following advantages:

Increase Brand Awareness and Establish Thought Leadership: You can position your roofing company as an industry expert on social media. Simply post relevant and informative content. This will not only help attract potential customers but also build trust with existing clients.

Generate More Qualified Leads: While some may find you organically, don’t leave it to luck. Facebook and Instagram ads should be targeted to local homeowners who are replacing roofs. Doing so can drive qualified traffic to your sales funnel. Also, add lead gen CTA buttons to social profiles—an inbox form, scheduling links, and service requests. These help warm prospects contact your company.

Strengthen Customer Relationships: Social media lets roofers engage with clients in new ways. Ways that were not possible historically over the phone or direct mail. Interacting strengthens loyalty so they’ll think of you first the next time they need roofing services.

Affordable Marketing for Small Businesses: Many small business owners avoid marketing because of the perceived costs. Traditional options like TV, radio, and print ads seem too expensive. Yet, with minimal spending, you can test social media ads and scale them up once you have proof of converting offers. When done right, leads from Facebook/Instagram cost far less than other outreach.

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10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Roofing Companies

Now that we’ve covered the importance of social media marketing for roofing companies, here are some tactical tips to employ:

1. Respond to All Reviews and Complaints

Online reputation makes or breaks service businesses. As such, you should monitor reviews across Google, Facebook, and Yelp—anywhere customers leave feedback. But awareness isn’t enough. Respond quickly and politely to compliments, complaints, and negative reviews. It shows you listen and address issues.

2. Give Behind-the-Scenes Job Site Tours

Video continues to grow as the most engaging form of social media content. Use live or pre-recorded video to give behind-the-curtain access to actual job sites. Capture footage of your crew replacing shingles, fixing gutters, or discussing chimney work to educate and build trust.

3. Partner with Interior Designers

A new roof can dramatically change the look and feel of a home, yet most people don’t think of roofs from a visual perspective. Bridge this disconnect by teaming up with designers or stagers in your area. Swapping roofing social media posts featuring ‘before and after’ curb appeal shots due to new roof installations can expand your audiences.

4. Highlight Certifications and Training

Home improvement horror stories have made some property owners reasonably skeptical of contractors. Ease any doubts by showcasing professional certifications. Or any manufacturer training programs and course graduation certificates your team has earned. It speaks volumes compared to boilerplate claims of quality work.

5. Show Off Positive Customer Feedback

Restore hope by resharing glowing thank-you notes from customers. Gather all the 5-star online reviews and social media recommendations from past clients. Then, share them on social media or your website. This reassures clients that your services provide peace of mind.

6. Talk About Roofs!

How long should a roof last? What are the benefits of metal roofing? Are shingles still in style?

One way to market on social media for roofing companies is through education and providing value. Increase credibility by posting general education content about roofing topics. That can span from warranties to material lifespans and replacement triggers. These are topics homeowners wonder about when budgeting major investments. Position your company as an authoritative resource families rely on when planning.

7. Share Seasonal Maintenance Checklists

Expand beyond roof repairs by offering seasonally relevant maintenance guidance. That could revolve around gutters, debris removal, weatherproofing, and leak detection. Provide followers with to-do checklists, saving future repairs.

8. Create Before & After Project Galleries

Aged, tired roofs getting fresh overhauls demand visuals. Document properties pre-install for compelling before shots to compare against beautiful afters. Arrange these in online galleries so potential customers understand your transformative work. Instagram and Pinterest are great platforms for showcasing these types of visual projects.

9. Answer Homeowner FAQs on Video

What’s the first thing prospects do when vetting roofers? Google common questions! Stand out by creating video FAQs around topics like roof costs and install timelines. Answering customer questions before they even ask helps you look helpful rather than salesy.

10. Promote Referral and Review Incentives

Satisfied homeowners can become your advocates. They may share testimonials, write online reviews, and refer neighbors. While some clients will do so independently, a little added incentive never hurts. Post about discount or gift card perks you offer for referrals and reviews to gain more word-of-mouth momentum.

Supplement Your Social Media Efforts

While useful, roofing social media management does not replace the need for a modern website. Optimizing your web presence for local searches and implementing a CRM platform for your roofing company is also crucial. Let’s explore why all three together can amplify your overall digital presence and lead generation.


Your website functions as the digital hub all efforts point back to. Use roofing social media posts and ads to attract eyeballs. Then, you need owned media like your site to tell your brand story fully. Here, you may explain services in-depth and drive conversions beyond likes and follows.

A great website design includes calls to action for service requests, roofing report downloads, or access to discount coupons. These should feature prominently across your website—not buried within obscure tabs. This gives site visitors from social channels clear next steps to become customers.

Local SEO

In 2024 and beyond, local SEO is essential for roofers wanting to rank higher in Google’s 3-pack. You want to be among the first choices for relevant customer search queries, keeping you top-of-mind right when intent peaks. This strategy combines with linking social profiles back to optimized landing pages.

CRM System

A common mistake is failing to track where inquiries come from. You are then unable to accurately measure digital channel effectiveness. To monitor channel conversion rates, a CRM platform solves this by tagging social, web, and ad leads with UTM campaign variables.

Further, integrating social ad accounts into your CRM provides transparency around cost per lead. It helps identify winning offers to scale up. This data-driven social media approach ensures achieving full ROI potential.

Work With a Digital Marketing Agency

For business owners feeling overwhelmed tackling digital initiatives solo, partnering with an award-winning agency helps accelerate growth and saves sanity.

Rather than wearing too many hats, lean on specialized teams executing complete digital strategies spanning the tactics we outlined. Capitalize on years of experience driving actual sales conversations (not just vanity metrics) for similar regional home service brands.

This partnership allows roofers to focus energy toward your true wheelhouse—exceptional property renovations.

Choose Townsquare Interactive

In closing, consider enlisting Townsquare Interactive’s expertise if you want seasoned guidance to take your roofing company’s digital marketing to the next level.

Our proven process typically starts by conducting an in-depth digital presence audit, identifying quick wins for better overall positioning and areas needing enhancement. Custom social media marketing for roofing companies and conversion-focused web design roadmaps crafted around your budget then set the foundation.

Reach out now to start a free consultation assessing what we can accomplish by joining forces!

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