This Husband-and-Wife Team Is Bringing Their Community Together in the Best Way

Celebrating Small Businesses: Ring Around the Spectrum

Small business owners play instrumental roles in bringing their communities together, and that’s especially true for Abbe Roberts and her husband, owners of Ring Around the Spectrum in Latham, New York. May is Small Business Month, so we’re taking the time to celebrate small businesses like theirs that are making a difference.

The Roberts family found inspiration in their son with special needs—they wanted to create a space where he would feel comfortable and safe while he played and had fun. So, Ring Around the Spectrum was born, a play space that welcomes children with special needs, neurotypical children, teens and adults alike.



In Her Own Words: Abbe Roberts

I have two children with special needs. My youngest son has moderate autism spectrum disorder. When he was younger, my husband and I realized how much he struggled at many of the available play places, both indoor and outdoor. It was too loud, too crowded, too bright—he was going into sensory overload, and we were heartbroken.

I have two children with special needs.

Finally, we’d had enough. We created Ring Around the Spectrum, an indoor play place for all that we designed with individuals on the spectrum—or individuals with any other developmental or sensory disorder—in mind. There’s no loud, obnoxious music. The lights aren’t too bright. We have a separate sensory room with bubble tubes and fiber optic lighting to help the overwhelmed decompress. We have hired individuals on the spectrum and invited more back as interns to help them learn social skills and how to adapt to change.

We’ve been open for almost 18 months now, and the community we have built, the family we have grown, has just been amazing! We have schools bringing classrooms in for field trips when they could never have done that before. We have scores of kids having birthday parties that could never have done it before.

There was a huge hole in the community, and we are so blessed to have begun to fill it.

We have created a bridge between the special needs and neurotypical worlds—parents and children are learning more every day! There was a huge hole in the community, and we are so blessed to have begun to fill it.


Why Ring Around the Spectrum Chose Townsquare Interactive

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Abbe heard about Townsquare Interactive through a friend of a friend and quickly learned about everything we can do for small businesses like hers. In turn, she’s since referred other small businesses that needed a boost to our dedicated digital marketing teams. Currently, Ring Around the Spectrum is currently using our website, digital and radio solution to build brand awareness within their community. Here’s how:



There’s Something Special About Your Small Business

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