Townsquare Interactive Joins The International Society of Arboriculture

Charlotte, NC, September 8, 2017Townsquare Interactive, of Charlotte, NC, has joined the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) as a Patron Sponsor. ISA is an international society that is made up of 20,000 arboricultural members.


The ISA focuses on the education of tree care specialists around the world to ensure the proper removal and/or preservation of trees. This education helps tree care specialists best serve their customers/companies and assures their customers of their knowledge and expertise. Townsquare Interactive’s goal is to educate and assist ISA members with online marketing solutions fit for their business and industry. With online marketing solutions available to them, ISA members will be able to reach more customers in their local area.


About Townsquare Interactive

Townsquare Interactive is a division of Townsquare Media, Inc., one of the nation’s largest media companies. Townsquare Interactive is a digital marketing and solutions organization that specializes in creating the total web presence small businesses need to make sure they reach their online audience.


When clients partner with Townsquare Interactive, they choose a team of industry-leading experts. Currently, Townsquare Interactive serves 12,000+ live clients on a month-to-month basis. Visit for more information.


About ISA

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) has served the tree care industry for 90 years as a scientific and educational organization. ISA was founded in 1924 when a group of 40 individuals, each engaged in a phase of tree work or research, were called together by the Connecticut Tree Protection Examining Board to discuss shade tree problems and their possible solutions.


Today, more than 20,000 International Society of Arboriculture members are dedicated to helping tree care professionals learn and understand the science of arboriculture. Visit for more information.