Business Invoicing Basics: 6 Items to Include on an Invoice

Business Invoicing Basics: 6 Items to Include on an InvoiceAs a small business owner, nothing beats that moment when a client pays your invoice. It means your hard work and expertise are valued. Unfortunately, improper invoicing can turn that good feeling into a headache by wasting your time on paperwork and causing friction with clients.

What should an invoice include? How can you save time with dedicated invoicing software? This article will help answer these questions by covering six must-have elements. With these in place, you’ll get paid faster and strengthen relationships.

Here’s what to include on an invoice.

1. Detailed Itemization

The foundation of any good invoice begins with a detailed breakdown of services rendered or products delivered. Be as specific as possible so the client knows exactly what they’re paying for.

When itemizing products, include quantities, sizes, colors, and any other descriptors that differentiate items. Itemize both variable and fixed fees so nothing gets missed. You may also want to add notes to clarify potential points of confusion.

Here’s an example from a med spa:

  • Facial treatment (60 minutes): $100
  • Anti-aging serum application: $50
  • Microdermabrasion (30 minutes): $75
  • Take-home skincare kit: $25

2. Taxes

Now, we all know the final price is going to be more than just those itemized services. Beyond the core services or products being invoiced, appropriate sales taxes must also be included. These are usually calculated as a percentage of the subtotal and displayed separately.

When determining tax rates, be sure to account for both state and local jurisdictions. Rates vary greatly, so research requirements for your specific location.

While calculating taxes isn’t the most exciting task, taking the time to get it right avoids potential legal issues down the road. Invoicing software can automate the process so you don’t have to crunch numbers manually.

3. Payment Method

Next, be sure to specify accepted payment methods directly on invoices. Some clients love paying with cash, while others prefer credit cards or checks. Whatever works for you and your client is fine – the important thing is to make it clear on your invoice.

For example:

“Payment Method: Visa, Mastercard, Check, Cash, Zelle”

4. Payment Terms

Sometimes, you and your client might have special arrangements for payment. That is another essential invoicing component. Terms outline when and how clients are expected to pay.

Common arrangements include:

  • Net 30 – Full payment due within 30 days of the invoice date
  • 50% deposit, remainder due upon job completion
  • 60% upfront, 40% after delivery

Even if the client has already paid the deposit, you should still include this information on the final invoice. It shows the full picture of your agreement.

5. Legal Information

Invoices also require key legal information from both the client and your business. Since there are two parties involved, there will usually be two sections on the invoice reserved for this information.

For your business, make sure to include:

  • Your business name (the legal one)
  • Your business address
  • Your contact information (phone number and email)

Then, do the same for your client:

  • Their name
  • Their address
  • Their contact information

The good news is this information usually stays the same from invoice to invoice. So once you’ve got it set up, you can use it over and over.

6. Branding Elements

Invoices clearly serve an important legal and accounting purpose. But they also provide a subtle branding opportunity. Integrate visual elements like logos, color schemes, and fonts that reinforce your brand identity. This allows clients to recognize your business at a glance.

You could even add a short, friendly message at the bottom. Something like “Thank you for your business!” can leave a good impression on your clients.

Keeping branding consistent across all invoices, estimates, and other client documents maintains professionalism while increasing awareness. Once again, good invoicing software can help you automate this process.

Townsquare Interactive: All-In-One Small Business Invoicing

Now that we know how to invoice, let us introduce you to Townsquare Interactive’s robust business management platform.

Our all-in-one solution combines all the essential elements we’ve talked about so far. But that’s not all – we have some extra features that can make your life even easier.

Customization and Templates

Townsquare Interactive allows you to customize professional invoices fully. Our user-friendly editor makes it simple for anyone to add logos, color schemes, messaging and more. Once your template looks perfect, save it with one click. Then use it as the starting point for all future invoices. Batch upload client info to quickly create multiple invoices in minutes.

Accept Secure Credit Card Payments

Get paid directly and securely right through client invoices. Townsquare Interactive integrates leading payment solutions, allowing you to safely accept Visa, Mastercard, and more with no hidden fees.

We also encrypt sensitive information during transmission and at rest. Count on us to safeguard your data according to industry best practices.

Plus, there’s no need to set up separate merchant accounts or pay statement fees. All payments route directly to your bank account. Everything is handled right from your dashboard.

Manage Invoices From Anywhere With Our Mobile App

As a small business owner, you’re not sitting at a desk all day. You’re out there getting things done. That’s why we’ve made sure you can create, send, and manage invoices on the go with our mobile app.

Townsquare Interactive’s mobile app allows you to instantly create, customize, and send invoices from iOS or Android devices.

Work Smarter With an Intuitive Dashboard

No one wants to waste time learning a complicated system. That’s why we designed an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard to simplify invoicing.

Create professional invoices with just a few clicks. Set up recurring invoices for regular clients. Automate payment reminders when due dates approach. Print, download, or email invoices from one screen.

Townsquare Interactive saves you time, energy, and frustration with tools tailored to busy small business owners.

Integrate With Our Proprietary CRM

Finally, our biggest feature is our very own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Our CRM allows you to store client contact information, interaction history, purchase records, and other critical data to enhance customer relationships over time.

The invoicing tool then seamlessly integrates with this database. Simply sync contacts and create customized invoices specific to each client.

This comprehensive system conveniently keeps all key client interactions and billing details together in one dashboard. Plus, with new features constantly being added, it will only get better from here!

Simplify Invoicing & Get Paid Faster with Townsquare Interactive

As a small business owner, you have more important ways to spend time than messing around with admin tasks. Let Townsquare Interactive become your invoicing command center.

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Stop wasting hours tracking down payments and filling out paperwork. Instead, rely on Townsquare Interactive to simplify your billing process so you can focus on growing your business. Contact us now.

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