9 Tips for Writing an SEO-Friendly Blog Post

Tips For Writing an SEO-Friendly Blog Post

Want to try your hand at writing blog posts to get more engagement for your business? Blog posts are a great way to share information your customers will find useful and establish yourself as an expert in your industry. But, after you’ve written your post, it’s important to make sure your target audience can find it!

Follow our nine top tips below to make sure your blog post is SEO-friendly and easy to find on Google.

1. Do Keyword Research

Find keywords related to your topic to use throughout your content, including headings and subheadings, while making sure the content still reads naturally.

2. Write an Effective Title

Blog titles should be engaging and contain keywords.

3. Add Internal Linking

Add links to your other blog posts or to your business’s website throughout the content.

4. Use Images and Videos

Adding images or videos to your content makes it more engaging, which helps with rankings.

5. Add a Title Tag and Meta Description

A good meta description explains what your post is about and convinces users to read it. Title tags are a great place to add keywords.

6. Make Your Post Easy to Read

Improve the readability of your content by using shorter sentences, smaller paragraphs, punctuation, headings and lists.

7. Organize Your Content

Use categories and tags to organize your content on your site.

8. Write for Featured Snippets

Make sure you have all the information users are seeking to increase the chances of your content appearing in Google’s featured snippets.

9. Optimize Old Blog Posts

Go back and optimize old blog posts by updating them and adding more internal linking.


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