Does Angi Work for Contractors?

An In-Depth Review of GAF Roofing MaterialsAs a contractor, you rely on a constant flow of leads to ensure consistent business, repeat customers, and continuous growth. Angi, formerly Angie’s List, is one potential source of new business that many contractors and other service professionals swear by. Originally a review site, Angi is now a marketplace connecting homeowners with skilled professionals across various industries.

While Angi may help contractors gain visibility and increase leads and sales, it also has its drawbacks. Contractors must carefully consider their options before investing any marketing dollars in Angi or any other medium. If you’ve ever wondered, “How does Angie’s List work for contractors?” — you’re in the right place. This article aims to clear up any confusion about how Angi works, explore its limitations, and help you find the best digital marketing solutions for your contracting business.

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How Does Angi Work for Contractors?

Angi operates as a search engine that enables homeowners to search for skilled, vetted professionals in their area across diverse service categories. Consumers can enter their ZIP codes, project details, timelines, and contact information to locate and research local pros, view pricing, and book services — while contractors have the opportunity to bid on projects and earn new business.

Customers and pros alike can join Angi and set up a profile for free. The paid Angi Key membership runs $29.99 annually for consumers, providing access to discounted pricing and other perks.

Meanwhile, contractors who wish to connect with customers and fully leverage the platform can expect to pay for lead generation and advertising. Pricing varies by business, but the estimated average cost for professionals is $300 monthly.

How Contractors Can Join Angi

Contractors looking to establish a presence on the Angi platform can register by creating profiles highlighting their services, qualifications, and past work. These profiles provide a digital portfolio, helping contractors market their skills and offering homeowners insights into a contractor’s expertise, customer reviews, and reputation.

Central to Angi’s platform is its rating and review system, whereby homeowners can leave feedback and rate a contractor’s performance after project completion. Positive reviews contribute to a contractor’s credibility and increase their visibility on the platform, potentially attracting more leads. Conversely, negative reviews can damage a contractor’s online reputation and hinder their ability to gain new customers.

If you’re considering joining Angi, it’s essential to explore the pros and cons of the platform so you can make an informed decision. By vetting the platform, you can also determine whether other digital marketing strategies would be more beneficial for your contracting business.

Pros of Using Angi

Increased Exposure

Gain visibility among local homeowners looking for your services, potentially increasing customer acquisition and generating more revenue as more homeowners discover your services.

Business Tools

Showcase your work on your Angi profile, demonstrating to potential clients that you’re the right business for the job.

Lead Management

Track and organize leads for quicker response times. Contact qualified leads through the platform, and convert more prospects into customers.

Reputation Management

Access tools to increase reviews, establish credibility, and enhance your online reputation. Promptly respond to feedback to resolve issues and thank customers for their business.

Advertising Options

Explore advertising options like pay-per-lead and pay-per-click, tailoring your investment to the results you achieve.

Partnership Opportunities

Unlock partnership opportunities within the Angi network, expanding your reach and potential collaborations.

Cons of Using Angi

Fees and Competition

Participation in the Angi platform comes with lead acquisition costs that don’t necessarily translate into revenue. Contractors must compete with other professionals on the platform for a limited audience, compared with the broader audience potential of organic search on major search platforms.

Likewise, consumers may be under the impression they must pay to use the platform or obtain the best price, deterring them from using Angi. If they take their search elsewhere and your business isn’t showing up in search results, you’ll lose out on those leads.

Lead Quality

Although contractors can specify their lead preferences, they lack control over lead quality. While some leads may translate into new business opportunities, others might prove low-quality, potentially diminishing the return on investment for contractors.

In addition, as contractors compete with other contractors for a small number of leads, they may lose out on business based on price alone if other contractors underbid them.

Lack of Diversification

Putting all your eggs in one basket is rarely a sound business move. Over-reliance on Angi can leave contractors vulnerable to fluctuations in Angi’s algorithms or changes in user behavior, affecting the consistency of incoming leads.

Potential for Negative Reviews Impacting Business

Negative reviews on Angi can shape a contractor’s online reputation. Although businesses have the opportunity to address unfavorable feedback, their overall image may take a hit — posing challenges to a contractor’s credibility and potentially deterring prospects from engaging their services.

Limited Profile Customization

Compared with a customized landing page or website, standard Angi profiles tend to look the same. The templated nature of Angi profiles limits contractors’ ability to showcase their unique brand identities and set themselves apart from the competition.

Limited Analytics

With limited analytics on Angi, contractors may find it challenging to track the success of their advertising campaigns and make strategic decisions.

Limited Support

A lack of comprehensive, consistent support on Angi can pose challenges for contractors seeking assistance or guidance in navigating issues on the platform.

Limited ROI

The costs of participating in the Angi platform may not translate into returns on investment, raising questions about the overall profitability of using Angi for business growth.

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Why Townsquare Interactive Is a Better Choice for Contractors

Townsquare Interactive offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower contractors with advanced digital marketing solutions. From customer relationship management to tailored website design and SEO solutions, our platform provides contractors with the tools they need to thrive online without relying on a single platform like Angi.

CRM Platform

Unlike Angi’s limited lead management tools, Townsquare Interactive offers a robust CRM platform that simplify daily operations and enhance efficiency. Available with any TSI package, the business management platform allows for quick payments, streamlined invoicing, and centralized customer management and communication. With robust reporting and a secure client portal, this CRM software keeps essential business functions at your fingertips.

Website Design

Modern design, easy navigation, and optimized content ensure your website attracts and converts customers. Our in-house web design experts prioritize Google’s algorithms and consumer appeal to create fast, responsive, beautiful websites that achieve more conversions.

SEO Services

At Townsquare Interactive, our in-house SEO experts analyze your industry and location to create keyword-rich content, helping you achieve higher search engine rankings. Additionally, our reputation monitoring service ensures you stay ahead of online reviews, maintaining a positive online presence.

Digital Marketing Services

Townsquare Interactive goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, offering various digital marketing services tailored to contractors’ needs. From email marketing and social media management to programmatic and social media advertising, we have complete solutions to maximize contractors’ online exposure.

Elevate Your Business with Townsquare Interactive

Does Angi work for contractors? The best way to answer that question is by comparing the growth potential of comprehensive digital marketing with Angi’s limited exposure opportunities.

Townsquare Interactive provides contractors with a holistic solution for online growth, offering superior customization, advanced lead management, and a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services.

The choice is clear for contractors seeking a more tailored and effective approach to expanding their businesses. If you’re ready to expand beyond Angi and take your contracting business to the next level, contact us for a free consultation to discuss your digital marketing needs.

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