Mobile Online Marketing Makes Offline Sales

by Doug Sewell

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We all know having a presence on mobile devices is critical for businesses. The fast adoption of mobile devices and how people use them is amazing. Invoca released their 2016 Call Intelligence Report which can be downloaded in full here, and here are some key points from the data:

Digital channels drive 92% of calls to businesses.

This is an increase from 84% a year ago! What’s neat, is that Invoca stated that online marketing isn’t replacing calls that would have been made to these businesses regardless, but it’s actually generating new calls that may have never happened.

When looking at call volume in 2016, 48% of calls come from mobile searches!

When you factor that in, along with the fact that over half of Google’s searches happen on mobile, you see we’re well into a mobile revolution. The shift from desktop to mobile started long ago. If you’re not on mobile, then you’re severely missing out.

It isn’t just about online sales. 63% of people complete a purchase offline after a search activity.

Imagine you’re in the mood to try something new for dinner tonight. You do a quick search on your phone for “pizza places near me”. You find a local place that looks great and you never heard of, so you give it a try. That business has no idea you did a search to find them. But, their marketing efforts got them business, and likely repeat business if that pizza was great.

Better yet, maybe you leave them a review online too. This contributes to other users trying their pizza! Before going too far down the rabbit hole, you can see how having an online presence can and does help you get business.

What does it all mean?

It all further confirms what everyone has been saying – get your business online and mobile! Make sure you’re available everywhere to maximize your performance.

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