Mold Removal Marketing Ideas

Mold Removal Marketing IdeasYou may have started your mold removal company to serve your community. As the lead contractor, your mind thinks about perfecting the art and satisfying customers. The last thing in your head is digital marketing.

Digital marketing is essential to the survival of a business. It is how a company sells its brand and attracts mold remediation leads.

Whether you are new in the game or have been around, a mold removal digital marketing partner is your best bet.


A digital marketing agency will help you generate leads, onboard new customers, and generate revenue. A wider brand reach means more mold removal jobs and business growth.

If you are a mold removal company owner, follow the digital marketing tips below and consider hiring a digital marketing expert, like Townsquare Interactive.


Build a Website

People are increasingly buying from the online space. According to a study, 80% of American consumers shop online, and the numbers are projected to climb.

If your mold remediation company doesn’t have a website, you miss out on millions of customers.

A website is the first place customers will look to interact with and know about your business. Some of the information users will want include:

  • Information about mold removal
  • The mold remediation services you provide
  • Your area of business
  • Your contact (phone number or email)

If your website answers the visitor’s questions, you stand to convert the mold removal lead into a customer. So ensure that your website offers all the crucial information.

Additionally, ensure that the website is easy to use and navigate. Use warm colors and fonts and make it responsive. A good user experience works towards making a sale.

It is also good to make the website mobile-friendly. This way, you also reach the millions of users who access websites through phones.


Search Engine Optimization

Creating a website is just but the beginning. You’ll also need to optimize it to outperform your competitor’s website in search engines like Google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not something new. In the past, it only took well-written content and keywords to move you to the first page of google. However, the dynamics have changed, with search engines employing more to rank websites in searches.

The good news is that search engines provide tools for SEO. Google’s Search Console and Bing’s Webmaster are examples that provide insight on technical issues.

You can also ensure your content helps in optimization in the following ways:

  • Make the homepage content clear and precise. Introduce yourself, your mold removal services, and your location
  • Use keywords in your website
  • Ensure it is easy to reach you
  • Provide useful information
  • Ask friendly companies to backlink you


Create Content

What value does your website offer over your competitors? Creating content for your website visitors is important in engaging them and keeping them on the website. The more they stay on the website, the higher the chances of converting them and the better you rank on search engines.

Creating interactive, fun-to-read informational guides, articles, and blogs on mold removal can generate more leads. Ensure that you get the top qualified writers to create the content and optimize it for search engines.

Some important topics you could write about include:

  • What are the Signs of Mold?
  • How to Remove Mold from your Property
  • Where can I find Mold on my Property?
  • Where can I find the Best Mold Remediation services?

When creating the content, ensure to bring about the idea that experts are the best way to deal with mold, and you are the service provider in town.


Engage on Social Media

Social media has become a huge platform, with 80% of Americans using at least one social media site. The high number of users looking for entertainment content will not mind seeing your adverts once in a while.

The online space is flooded with millions of social media platforms and users. However, not all are perfect for your mold inspection and remediation services.

Identify platforms where your customers spend the most time and build a presence. Start by creating an up-to-date company profile enlisting your business name, services provided, location, and contact. Then, provide content that engages consumers; no one wants boring adverts and posts on their feeds.

Use the platform to engage in related current news, post memes, and engage your viewers with questions and fun facts. These improve your engagement ratings and brings you up on searches.

Develop a posting schedule and use a content moderation tool to ensure your accounts are active and easy to share. It helps your customers share your profile and content with friends and colleagues.

Some best places to start include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Additionally, you can use LinkedIn to connect with other businesses and professionals.


Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a long time, and with a good reason: companies get a $36 ROI for each dollar spent.

You can use email lists to market your mold remediation business. You’ll send targeted advertisements to prospective clients and provide new information to the existing customers.

Your emails should include valuable information about mold damage and restoration services. Provide articles and newsletters about mold causes, how to prevent it, tips on detecting Mold and how to deal with it as you wait for expert removers.

You can use email marketing to:

  • Showcase mold removal and inspection expertise
  • Customize emails to a specific audience depending on location, leads, and other indicators. As such, you’ll provide what the potential client needs.
  • To increase brand awareness.
  • Lower advertising costs and get an ROI.
  • Provide information about innovations and tips

While email marketing is profitable, you must do it right. First, ensure your emails are not very frequent, which may irritate the receiver. Secondly, you can use a subscription option that allows clients to choose the type of content they want.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Have you ever searched something on google and realized ads related to the search came first? That is Pay-per-click advertising.

Pay-per-click is a proven method that has worked for many companies. If you want your existing content to give you more mold removal leads, then it is perfect for you.

PPC allows companies to advertise their website and content on search engines and other websites. It works by paying the search engine and website owner for every click from their platforms.

Additionally, you can pay search engines to prioritize your website whenever someone searches for mold removal. This way, you become the first service provider, mold remediation leads see.

If you are not convinced, Google ads return on investment is $2 for a dollar spent and 41% of clicks on search results are on the first three ads.

Since PPC is not an easy task, it is best to contact a mold removal marketing agency to help through the campaign. We offer the best quality and effective PPC services.


List your Mold Removal Business on Review Sites

Did you know that around 95% of consumers look at reviews before buying a product or engaging a service provider?

Reviews help your prospective clients to know that you provide good services. This is because reviews are left behind by critics and individuals you have served. If your services are top-notch, your positive reviews market your mold remediation business for free. As a result, you increase the chances of converting mold inspection leads into paying customers.

There are many ways of getting reviews online, the most common being listing your business on a review site. You’ll find many websites, and it is advisable to be on each.

The registration process for each is easy and direct. First, ensure the name, address, services, and contact information match across all the listings. Then, add a small description of your services on each website. A clean, sharp logo also goes a long way to helping you.

Some leading review sites include Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, and Yahoo! Local Business.


Ask for Reviews

While listing your mold removal business on review sites increases your leads, you need to make people leave reviews on your site and the others. There is no better way of achieving this than asking.

Most satisfied customers are more than ready to give a good review. The problem may be that they don’t know where to start or may have forgotten. So reminding them is all you need to do.

Make the process simple and fast. Provide clear and visible links to the review listings from your websites and online platforms and ensure that they work perfectly.

However, the best way to ask for reviews is to ask in person after completing a job. Also, remember to appreciate a customer for a review. So put on that smile and ask away.


Ask for Referrals

If you can ask for a review, why not a referral? After all, if customers are impressed by your services, they will be more than willing to talk good about your company.

Referrals are a great way to get mold remediation leads without effort. However, asking for referrals should be done respectfully and orderly. Make sure that the mood is friendly and slide the referral comment smoothly.

Use friendly lines search as ” thanks for using our services, and we would love to work for you or a friend. Please be sure to say something about us”. Politeness and humbleness work as magic.

Remember to leave behind flyers and business cards. You may be tempted to fit your information on the material, but it may be too small. Instead, include a dynamic QR code on them to lead the customer to your online platforms that they can share with friends and colleagues.


Build a Brand Image and Community

Building a brand for your company is integral to your business appearance. It is how customers relate to your company and remember it.

Brand building goes beyond having a memorable name and a catchy business phrase or motto. It incorporates things like your brand colors, logo, and visibility. Create a logo that is easy to remember, and use friendly colors.

Additionally, ensure that your vans and staff employees feature the colors and logo for advertisement and recognition.

So how does a good brand image bring in mold removal leads?

A good brand will attract an online brand community. These people love your services and want to associate with you. They are your unpaid marketing teams.

Brand communities are enthusiastic about you and will talk about you. These individuals will tag you on their posts, leave reviews on sites, refer your company, and advertise for free.

Ensure you have brand community chatrooms and social media where you can engage your team.


Use Photos and Videos

Mold removal services are graded through visual analysis. The client will look at the place before and after to know if the work is perfect.

Before and after pictures and videos are crucial for social media and your website.

Ensure that you record the area of Mold clearly before you remove it. Then, after cleaning the area, take pictures and record videos. Ensure the pictures and videos are clear, focused, and in good lighting. Also, change the angles to give different views. To further enhance the contrast between before and after, consider using a background removal software for a cleaner and more professional presentation of your mold removal process.

Post the before and after photos, and edit the videos to show the cleaning process. They will engage your viewers and create more mold remediation leads.

Remember to use relatable tags under the pictures and videos and add a job description. Also, get the client’s authorization before taking pictures and recording videos.


Use a Professional Mold Removal Digital Marketing Partner

Digital mold removal marketing is not the strong point of mold removal professionals. While you can do tasks like taking pictures, a mold removal digital marketing company should handle the bigger part.

Townsquare Interactive handles the most important part of digital marketing; they’ll give you quality mold remediation company website design.

Our interactive designs are user-friendly, responsive, and easy to use. The design also allows you to link your social media platforms and post blogs/content, pictures, videos, and services. As a result, we help to generate more mold remediation leads.

To learn more about how Townsquare Interactive can help you generate more mold removal yields, fill out the form below!

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