4 Print Marketing Tips to Bolster Your Online Presence

by Nadia Saar

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Digital marketing and social media are all the rage in the marketing world. But, there are a full range of offline mediums at your disposal to help drive brand awareness. One of the oldest mediums around is print marketing. Nowadays, print marketing and digital marketing go hand in hand, supporting one another. Because of that, we’re sharing tips to bolster your online presence using tried and true print marketing techniques.

Use Professionally Designed Flyers, Brochures and Newsletters

We live in a digital era, but the effectiveness of a flyers, brochures, and newsletters remains the same. In fact, because of the dramatic shift to digital, there is less competition in the print marketing arena. This allows for you and your business to get the upper hand.

When creating print materials, make sure they are professionally designed. They need to be coherent with the look and feel of your website and social media pages.

Make sure to include: 

  • Company logo and colors
  • Slogan
  • Call-to-action

Your call-to-action is what will move your potential customers to check you out online.  The goal of using a flyer is to not only let people know you exist, but to move them to use your services or products.

Include QR Codes in Your Print Marketing

Creating a dynamic QR code and adding it to your flyers or creating a fun card with the widget may bring you more online business than you realize. According to Forbes, QR codes help provide information to your customers in real time.

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Are your services 20% off this month online? Or maybe you’re running a flash sale on a product. Whatever the need, the black and white square can be a friend and partner when your online traffic needs a boost. Add them to flyers, business signs, or even brochures to invite people to get the most up to date promos, specials, and information about your business online.

Include Your Social Media Channels

Do you currently have a Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, or another social media profile floating around online?  It’s important to include your social profiles on your print marketing collateral to raise brand awareness. Social media profiles are a great way for your clients to engage with your business.

It allows your customers to learn more about you through an online community. It also gives your business an opportunity to provide followers special deals on services or products. Ensure you have your website listed on your social channels. Once they’ve learned about your promotions, or read your excellent reviews, they have a place to go online that is dedicated to your product/service.

Solicit Online Reviews With Print Marketing

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. With this number being as high as it is, it’s important to have positive online reviews. A great way to solicit online reviews is to include it on your print marketing. On your professionally designed flyers, brochures, and store signage, ask your customers to review your business online. If you have a promotion going on, include “see what people are saying about us online” including the Google+, Yelp, or Facebook logos.

You’re setting your business up for success by having a strategic print marketing plan along side with a digital marketing campaign. Together you’re reaching an even larger audience, increasing your exposure to new and returning customers.

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