Why Is Local SEO So Important?

by Katherine Genske What’s the Deal with Local SEO? Many business owners ask, “wouldn’t it make sense to be found all across the state – or nation?”  More areas being found means more business, right? Wrong. Think about this:  you’re at work, looking to grab a quick lunch.  You need to be back in 50 […]

Why Multiple Websites Are Bad For SEO

by Nadia Saar As a small business owner, you want to own as many spots at the top of Google’s searches as possible. To accomplish this, you’ve set up three or more websites in hopes that you will take the top three advantage. But as you search for your business online you are nowhere to be […]

Social Media: A Look At The Past & Present

by Jaimie Knowles Where It All Began Many people believe social media started with the widespread obsession with Facebook. But, you might be surprised to know that the evolution of social media started much earlier than the early 2000s. The effects of these early social media platforms are still seen today. They impact the everyday lives of individuals and businesses […]

Why Getting on Page 1 of Google Takes Time

by Drew Furr Game of Thrones: Google Style…Why Getting on Page 1 (aka Ruling the 7 Kingdoms) Takes Time When will I be on the 1st page of Google? Ahh, the age old question – and by age-old, I mean, Google hasn’t even celebrated their 20th birthday yet (mark your calendars ladies and gents!). All […]

Why It’s Critical to Not Rely on Word-of-Mouth

by Lo’Vonia Parks With most things in life, there is the power of 3. The Trinity, Three Amigos, a Children’s Meal with a toy and drink… You get the point. When thinking of the rule of three, people often think about something not-so tactical, or pop-culture related. However- it can be applied to marketing as […]

Townsquare Interactive Joins AAID Member Advantage Program

June 16th, 2016 Charlotte, NC Townsquare Interactive Joins the AAID Member Advantage Program Townsquare Interactive is now a participant in The American Academy of Implant Dentistry Member Advantage Program. Townsquare will offer AAID members access to affordable and results driven online marketing. AAID members will receive a $100 discount + no set-up fees. About Townsquare […]

How SEO & Social Media Work Together

by Scott Johnson As a small business owner, you understand how important your web presence is for your business. But what about those other things? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, etc.? When most of us think about a web presence, we think of having a website that represents our business. However, this is hardly half […]

Make Sure Your Website is Working for You!

by Nadia Saar Have a website but not sure it’s doing its job? As you know, your website is an important aspect of your business. It’s your digital storefront that makes you visible and available 24/7 to current and potential customers. Here’s how to make sure your website is working for you- not against you! Define […]

What’s Google’s Goal?

by Ryan Dearth As a company, Google’s mission is “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Google dominates 75% of the U.S. online search market. Every month millions of unique users perform billions of searches. As users, we know what our goals are when typing something in Google. But what are Google’s goals before […]

The NACDL Partners with Townsquare Interactive

May 27, 2016 Charlotte, NC The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (Liberty’s Last Champion) has partnered with Townsquare Interactive to offer members access to affordable and results driven online marketing. NACDL members will receive 25% off + no set-up fees. About Townsquare Interactive Townsquare Interactive builds comprehensive online marketing campaigns for lawyers across the […]